What Is Ratha Saptami?

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In the tapestry of cultural and religious celebrations, there are moments that hold profound significance, connecting people to nature, spirituality, and the rhythms of the cosmos. Ratha Saptami is one such occasion—a sacred festival that honors the Sun God and marks the transition from winter to spring. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the essence of Ratha Saptami, its traditions, and the deeper meanings it holds for those who celebrate it.

What Is Ratha Saptami?

Ratha Saptami, also known as Magha Saptami, is a Hindu festival observed on the seventh day of the bright half of the lunar month of Magha. This corresponds to a date between January and February in the Gregorian calendar. The festival is dedicated to Lord Surya (the Sun God) and is celebrated with great fervor in various regions of India.

The Symbolism Of The Sun:

In Hinduism, the Sun is often regarded as a symbol of light, energy, and life itself. The Sun’s radiance and warmth are associated with its power to bestow vitality and illuminate the path of righteousness. Ratha Saptami is an ode to the Sun’s role in sustaining life on Earth and driving away darkness.

Rituals And Traditions:

  1. Ablutions in Holy Waters: Devotees wake up early on Ratha Saptami and perform ablutions in rivers, lakes, or other bodies of water. This ritual is believed to cleanse the body and soul, inviting auspiciousness into one’s life.
  2. Sunrise Worship: The heart of Ratha Saptami celebrations lies in the worship of Lord Surya during the early hours of the morning. Devotees offer prayers and perform rituals to honor the Sun God’s divine radiance.
  3. Surya Namaskar: This festival is an ideal time to practice Surya Namaskar, a sequence of yoga postures that pay homage to the Sun’s energy and vitality.
  4. Arka Patra Snana: In some regions, people undertake a special ritual known as “Arka Patra Snana,” wherein they bathe using the leaves of the Calotropis gigantea plant, which is believed to possess healing properties.
  5. Processions: Elaborate processions involving images or idols of Lord Surya mounted on chariots are a significant part of Ratha Saptami celebrations. These processions symbolize the journey of the Sun across the sky.

Symbolism Of Chariot And Seven Horses:

The chariot used in the processions during Ratha Saptami is often depicted as being driven by seven horses. This imagery is laden with symbolism—each horse is said to represent a day of the week, with Sunday as the lead horse. The chariot represents the cosmic journey of the Sun God through the heavens.

Renewal And Spiritual Awakening:

Beyond its religious significance, Ratha Saptami carries a message of renewal, both in the natural world and within oneself. As the Sun’s warmth melts away the winter chill and ushers in spring, the festival symbolizes the awakening of dormant energies and the rejuvenation of the spirit.


Ratha Saptami invites us to stand in awe of the celestial phenomenon that sustains life on our planet—the Sun. It teaches us to acknowledge the cosmic forces that shape our existence and the eternal cycle of creation, sustenance, and dissolution. As we celebrate Ratha Saptami, we’re reminded of the interconnectedness of all living beings and the radiant energy that unites us with the universe. This festival is an embodiment of the human spirit’s quest for meaning, renewal, and connection to the divine.


What Is Special About Ratha Saptami?

It is symbolically represented in the form of the sun-god Surya turning his ratha (chariot) drawn by seven horses (representing the seven colours) towards the northern hemisphere, in a north-easternly direction. It also marks the birth of Surya and is hence also celebrated as Surya Jayanti (the sun-god’s birthday).

Is Ratha Saptami An Auspicious Day?

RATHA SAPTAMI or Rathasapthami is an auspicious Hindu festival that falls on the seventh day in the bright Hindu month of Magha. It is considered to be the birth anniversary of God Surya. It is believed that on this day, the Sun God enlightened the world with his powerful rays.

What Are The Blessings Of Ratha Saptami?

“May the divine light of Sun God shower you with peace, prosperity and good health.” 18. “Ratha Saptami is a day of hope, new beginnings and success. May Lord Sun bless you with all his grace and mercy.”

What Is Ratha Saptami Puja?

Ratha Saptami is an auspicious festival dedicated to worshipping Lord Surya (Sun). As per Hindu mythology, on this day, Lord Surya enlightens the world with powerful rays. This day, Ratha Saptami or Magha Saptami is also known as the birth anniversary of the Hindu deity, Surya.

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