What Is Solar Constant?

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The solar constant stands as a fundamental parameter in understanding the relationship between the Sun and Earth. This detailed article aims to shed light on the intricacies of the solar constant, unraveling its formula, value, and significance in the realm of physics.

What Is Solar Constant?

The solar constant refers to the amount of solar radiation that reaches the outer atmosphere of Earth per unit area and per unit time. This constant is a critical factor in gauging the energy balance of our planet and plays a pivotal role in various scientific disciplines.

What Is Solar Constant Formula?

The formula for the solar constant is expressed as:

Solar Constant=Total Solar Energy/Surface Area of a Sphere with Radius Equal to the Average Earth-Sun Distance

In essence, it is the ratio of the total solar energy received by the Earth to the surface area of a sphere with a radius equivalent to the average Earth-Sun distance.

What Is Solar Constant Value?

The widely accepted average value for the solar constant is approximately 1361Watts per square meter. This value provides an estimate of the solar power received per unit area at the outer atmosphere of Earth on a surface perpendicular to the Sun’s rays.

What Is Solar Constant In Physics?

In the realm of physics, the solar constant serves as a crucial parameter for understanding the energy flux received by Earth from the Sun. It establishes a foundation for various studies, including climate science, atmospheric physics, and environmental science.

What Is Solar Constant Explain?

To explain the solar constant, consider it as the average solar irradiance at the outer atmosphere of Earth. This constant radiation is a consequence of the Sun’s continuous fusion reactions, emitting energy in the form of electromagnetic waves across the entire solar spectrum.

What Is Solar Constant Class 9?

For students in Class 9, the solar constant becomes a fascinating aspect of their science curriculum. It introduces them to the basic principles of solar radiation, energy transfer, and the interconnectedness of Earth and the Sun.

What Is Solar Constant Class 10?

In Class 10, students delve deeper into the physics behind the solar constant. They explore how this constant influences Earth’s climate, weather patterns, and the energy balance that sustains life on our planet.

Solar Constant Of India

The solar constant varies slightly depending on geographical location and atmospheric conditions. In the context of India, with its diverse climatic zones and topography, the solar constant contributes significantly to the country’s solar energy potential.

Solar Constant Of Earth

The solar constant of Earth, as mentioned earlier, is around 1361Watts per square meter. This constant energy influx is crucial for maintaining the Earth’s temperature, driving weather patterns, and supporting the processes of life.


In conclusion, the solar constant serves as a cornerstone in understanding the dynamic relationship between the Sun and Earth. Its formula and value encapsulate the essence of solar radiation and its influence on our planet’s climate and energy balance. As scientists, students, and enthusiasts explore the wonders of the cosmos, a profound grasp of the solar constant becomes instrumental in comprehending the intricate dance of energy that sustains life on Earth.


What Do You Mean By Solar Constant?

A solar constant is a measurement of the solar electromagnetic radiation available in a meter squared at Earth’s distance from the sun. The solar constant is used to quantify the rate at which energy is received upon a unit surface such as a solar panel.

What Is The Solar Constant K?

The value of the constant is approximately said to be 1.366 kilowatts per square metre. The “solar constant” is fairly constant, increasing by only 0.2 per cent at the peak of each 11-year solar cycle.

What Is The Value Of Solar Constant *?

The value of solar constant is fixed and it is equal to 1.951Kcalm−2minute−1 which can be rounded off. Was this answer helpful?

What Is The Difference Between Solar Constant And Insolation?

The solar constant is the average amount of insolation received at the top of the atmosphere when Earth is at its average distance from the sun. We need to use the average distance from the sun because Earth’s orbit is not perfectly round, but is actually slightly elliptical.

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