4 Tools an eCommerce Website Needs to Gain Traffic at Scale

The e-commerce sector has grown exponentially in the past few years and has now occupied an important position in the global retail framework. This is evident from the fact that in 2020, the global e-retail sales crossed $4.2 trillion, as over 2 million people flocked to e-commerce websites to purchase goods and services. To drive sales in this market, it is important to get people to visit your online store. Scaling your website traffic can help you increase your revenue dramatically. In this article, we will take a look at certain tips and tools that can help you scale the traffic to your e-commerce website from the early stages of its growth.

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Consider your target audience

Every online store is different. The strategies that work well for other e-commerce sites might not work for you. If you want to drive traffic to your page, it is important to know about your target audience and their preferences. You need to investigate their interest levels in your product/service and whether it is a right fit for them. For instance, if you are selling home décor in your online store, you need to determine how often your target audience is searching for home décor online. What is kind of images attract them? Consumer behavior analytics can help you understand how your customers act and the reasons behind it. It allows you to track user preferences so that you can offer them targeted content.

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Expand your best traffic source

It is also important to examine your sources of traffic from time to time so that you can expand on the source that is getting you the most visitors. Visitor tracking tools like WatchThemLive (which is also an alternative to Google analytics heatmap) can help you understand your website visitors better. It will allow you to see their geo-location, how they chanced upon your website, or who referred them to it. Once you have this data, you can calculate the conversion rates of each of the sources. The ultimate aim is to identify the source that is not only offering high conversions but is also reliable. After determining the best source, you can devise strategies for growing organic traffic, increasing referrals, and optimizing email marketing.

Keyword research tells you what topics people care about and, assuming you use the right SEO tool, how popular those topics actually are among your audience. For more information, please visit: ecommerce keyword research

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Make use of SEO

You can grow traffic to your website by using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques effectively. There are certain useful tactics you can employ in the SEO strategy for your e-commerce website. This includes –

  1. Research keywords related to your products/services that most of the customers are searching for.
  2. Modifying the site architecture according to your researched keywords.
  3. On-Page SEO: Optimizing keywords according to the content and meta-tags.
  4. Technical SEO: This will help in ensuring that the search engines connect to your e-commerce website efficiently.
  5. Local SEO: This is great if you have a brick-and-mortar business as well, as it will help you drive organic traffic to your store.
  6. Content marketing: A great way to get more organic visitors to your site.
  7. Link Building can help in improving your website’s authority.

Optimize Your E-commerce Website

Optimizing your e-commerce website is important for making sure that your site is ready to convert the increased traffic into more sales. Landing page optimization tools can help improve elements of your website to increase conversions. To optimize your website you need to keep in mind the following things –

  1.   Make the site easily navigable and provide clear and strong CTAs like ‘Start Shopping’ or ‘Shop Now’.
  2.   Describe your products or services on the homepage clearly.
  3.   Speak the language of your target audience and include content that is informative, fun, and interesting
  4.   Pay special attention to product photography to influence the purchase decision of consumers.
  5.   Perform quality control, and make sure that the product descriptions characterize your products accurately.


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We have provided you with the best strategies for scaling the traffic of your e-commerce website. By employing these tools and tips you will be able to grow your sales even further. Remember that the customer is the king. For driving sales and generating traffic, it is important to understand the behavior and preferences of your customers.

Top agencies provide session replay software for e-commerce businesses who want to understand how their customers interact with their websites. This tool is great for getting feedback on your website features, and it will also help in increasing your conversion rates.

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