5 amazing things you can do with a 3D pen

If you have a 3D pen and don’t know how to use it to make creative works, don’t worry. Through this tutorial, you can learn how to create beautiful structures and shapes. Don’t delay, get inspired by these 3D pen drawings and figure out what you’re going to create right now.

Make works of art and wall painting

If you appreciate the artwork and are looking for an original way to personalize your walls, 3D pen art is the best way to do it! In addition, this technique is a great way to unveil your creative spirit. With a 3D pen, it is possible to add dimension and patterns to any drawing or image. To do this :

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  • Simply trace the outline of your drawing with the pen on the wall,
  • Fill it with color,
  • Use the pen to add things like stripes, patterns, or even words to it.

You will also be able to create works of art that can be given a panoramic look, making them truly unique. Therefore, if you dream of doing something different and having fun, adopt the 3D pen!

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Make a cell phone case

If you are tired of the look of your mobile phone, it’s time to customize the case with a 3d pen. You can make simple designs, watermarks, or designs with images or landscapes. To do this :

  • Clean the case well and put it on the phone,
  • If you want to protect parts such as cameras, cover them with a piece of toilet paper or a washcloth to prevent the filaments from falling out,
  • Start decorating from the top of the case. You can also make a design, fill it like a mesh, or whatever you want.

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Create your pen holder

The creation of the pen holder is one of the best 3d pen creation ideas. You can teach your kids to make their own things to keep the desk tidy. In this case, we show you how to create a pen holder, although with the same system you can create small objects or boxes.

  • Decide on the design of your pen holder
  • Start filling it in with your 3D pen. Start by slowly tracing the outline of the design and then fill in the rest of the spaces with whatever patterns or colors you like. 

Make an earring

This 3d pen creation idea with a 3D pen and a bubble pop will only take a few minutes. It will be the perfect accessory you will need to complete your look. To do this :

  • Fill one of the bubble pop holes with the 3D pen,
  • Before completely closing the bubble pop, insert the base of the earring,
  • Keep sealing the top with filament so it doesn’t come loose.
  • Let it dry for a moment and remove it from the hole and put it down.

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Make a custom storage box

Have you ever needed to place a small storage box without finding anything convincing? Well, using the 3d pen, it is now possible to create your own object and quite simply. To start your design:

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  • Start drawing a basic shape with your 3D pen,
  • Next, add additional layers to make the sides of the box,
  • Once the basic shape and size are determined, the design can become more original,
  • Put patterns, colors, and what you deem fit for the personalization of your storage box.

When finished, you will now have a handy place to store all sorts of small items. Grab your 3D pen and try it out!

At this moment, the question of how to use a 3d pen is now settled. Because at least we’ve introduced you to 5 amazing things you can do with this type of pen. All you have to do is practice and try to perfect yourself to reveal your talent.