5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Helping us Grow

Artificial Intelligence and automated learning is a non-traditional approach for educational purposes. Training through AI has a variety of benefits that will provide you with the best knowledge and result outcomes. To enhance your skills, you can consider a  PG in Artificial Intelligence. 

Furthermore, you can bring about personalized learning with a unique syllabus for each individual by using artificial intelligence. If you are interested you can look up the best certification courses for artificial intelligence and learn more about it. 

Let us look into a few of the impacts that AI has created across several domains

  • Increased Automation and Productivity

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A variety of AI-based applications can help you automate all the tasks required in the recruitment process. Employees can give attention to bigger tasks rather than dealing with menial work. The elimination of tedious manual tasks helps in increasing productivity. Many tasks that require a lot of time in business can be administered through AI. 

  • Strengthening Economy


Artificial intelligence is estimated to contribute around$15.7 trillion to the economy of the world by the year 2030. With the technological advances in Artificial intelligence, an estimated increase of 14% to the global GDP will take place until 2030. China and North America will derive great advantages from AI which will lead to a 70% economic impact on the world. AI-based solutions, automated manual labour and the development of intelligent bots will have the most significant impact on healthcare and engineering. 

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  • Contribution to Global Defence and Disaster Management

With the advent of AI, military applications have adapted many of the advanced technologies. These projects are very secretive but one known example is the AnBot, the automated Chinese Armed Police. AI has also enabled accurate weather forecasting making it easier to predict the prospective state of any natural disaster and save lives by the millions. Farmers can also make crucial decisions about agricultural activities. Shipping is made secure and simple.

  • Enhancing Lifestyle

Artificial intelligence has developed tremendously since its inception in the 1950s. We can easily use virtual assistants for managing repetitive tasks. Many new machine learning concepts help companies to solve complex problems like identifying fraudulent behaviour, medical diagnosis, weather forecasting, etc. Personalization options deliver precise recommendations for the user. For example, in advertising, personalized marketing boosts sales by more than 10%. 

  • Smart Decision Making

Artificial intelligence aids in making smarter and quicker decisions about your business. Artificial intelligence guarantees smarter delivery and tailor-made customer services, the easy discovery of useful insights since it is driven by advanced machine learning, deep learning, predictive modelling and natural language processing. 



Artificial intelligence is an excellent responsive learning platform. These intelligent adapters have the power to fulfil your needs and requirements and enhance your overall educational and professional experience. You can partake in some of the best certification courses for artificial intelligence such as Microsoft Power BI Certification Training Course, DevOps Certification Training Course, PMP Certification Training Course, Java Certification Training Course and many more.