7 Amazing Accessories to Gift Your Fashionista Girlfriend 

Random acts of kindness and love strengthen relationships. And giving gifts is a great way to express your love towards your partner. Whether it’s her birthday or your anniversary, your girlfriend would love it if you gift her something she has wanted for months. Whether it’s that sexy red dress or designer footwear like a loafer jutti she has added to her wishlist, your gift can surely make her day.  

Many guys often get confused about what to gift their girlfriends. The roses, teddy bears and chocolate are romantic, but they are kind of cliche. You need a gift that would genuinely surprise her and authentically express your feelings. She will understand that you have put a lot of thought into it and know what she likes the most. If your girlfriend loves to dress up aesthetically and try different outfits, she would love a fashion accessory. So dear men, look at these seven fantastic fashion accessories to gift your fashionista girlfriend. 

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Designer footwear 

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You may not have heard it before (probably it’s the first time someone is saying this), but designer footwear’s key to a woman’s heart. It would be hard to find a girl who doesn’t like designer footwear, especially if they are exclusively designed and unique. Unlike typical footwear, your girl would adore you if you gift her a designer loafer jutti. Before you get a big question mark on your head, know that loafer juttis are highly fashionable, and women just love them. 

With the unique amalgamation of loafers, timeless footwear with jutti, Sliders for women, and traditional staple footwear that offers style and comfort, loafers juttis are the best of both worlds. They are comfortable and fit snugly on the feet. They are stylish and chic as loafers and offer a dash of confidence. These designer juttis flaunt unique designs with intricate thread and embroidery work and showcase various design elements like flowers, birds, animals, leaves and whatnot. Another great thing about loafer juttis is that you can wear them for formal and casual use. That means your girlfriends can flaunt them every day at a family function or make them her go-to office footwear.

Luxury Perfume 

Women love branded perfumes. Premium perfumes are specially developed with high-quality fragrances and offer a unique scent with each product. Whether your girlfriend is a fashionista, she will adore you for gifting the perfume. It would help to know what type of fragrances she already uses. That way, you can’t go wrong with your choices. It’s also a safe bet to go with premium, reputed perfume brands such as Gucci, Versace and Chanel. The perfume will remind her of you every time she wears it.  

Polaroid Camera 

For a fashion-forward girl, her camera is her best friend. Though she can click pictures on the phone, they will be lost in hundreds of other pictures. Thankfully there is a way to take memorable photographs and preserve them with you, a polaroid camera. A polaroid camera instantly prints the picture once you click them. You can immediately see the printed picture once the ink dries. You can take several photos together and showcase them in your room with string lights. Polaroids are also great for Instagram pictures because nothing screams “Instagram-worthy” more than a polaroid camera. It will be a unique gift that you will absolutely love, and can’t thank you enough. 

Ring Light 

If your girlfriend is a fashionista, she must be posting makeup, fashion and self-care tutorials and videos on YouTube or Instagram. Then you have a chance to support her content creation by gifting her a ring light. It is a circular LED light that allows you to mount the camera in the middle of it, so you get a perfect light on your face. The light has various colour modes, such as white and warm white. And the intensity of light can be increased or decreased. You can also gift similar content creation accessories to help create better videos and tutorials. 

Hair-styling accessories 

There’s a unique bond between girls and their hair. Unlike men, women are conscious about how their hair looks and often invest in various hair care products and accessories that help them style their hair. There are many hair styling accessories in the market, such as hair straighteners, hair curling iron, hair dryer, hair brushes, premium hair extensions, etc. Though these gifts might seem unconventional, it’s the thought that matters. So go ahead and gift hair styling accessories to amp up her style quotient. 

Personalised Jewellery  

Personalised gifts are a great way to add a personal touch to the gifts. They can be a great way to relish a unique memory of your together and preserve it in a unique personalised jewellery item. Various online personalised gift shops offer personalised jewellery with engraved names, initials, personal messages, photographs, barcodes, soundwaves etc. When scanned with a smartphone, the engraved barcode opens up a unique link on the browser. You can link a special song that you both love, so when she scans that code, the song will automatically open and play. You can also gift intricate jewellery, such as a necklace with her name on it. It looks cute and Instagram-worthy. 

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Mini black dress 

Brace yourself; this one is special. Women love surprises, and the good part about this gift is that you can plan a surprise date for her. A black mini dress is a perfect dress for romantic dates. You can buy her a sexy mini black dress that she can wear for the day. But you can do a lot more instead of just gifting her the dress. When she is out, put the dress spread on her bed with a small note with the message “see you at 8 pm for a dinner date” and just leave it there. Wear a classy outfit, blazer or suit and book a table in an elegant restaurant for a candle-lit dinner. She will absolutely love it and fall in love with you once again.  

Choosing the right gift for your girlfriend can be tricky, especially if she is a fashionista who carefully chooses everything from a fashion perspective. But don’t worry, she will love any of these gifts and keep them close to her heart. You can also accompany the gift with a handwritten message or notes pouring your heart out on the paper. And remember to sweep her off her feet when you give your gift.