Applications and Benefits of UiPath

UiPath is the leading RPA tool in the market implemented by enterprises in gaining massive business growth by deploying software bots to automate repetitive and redundant tasks that consume a huge portion of productive hours of the workforce. Deploying RPA tools helps in solving problems faster and automating boring tasks which need minimal cognitive capabilities. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss the applications of UiPath and the benefits reaped by enterprises deploying that. Check out this UiPath Certification course that includes projects and resources that will help you master the technology from scratch. 

Applications of UiPath

Let’s discuss how enterprises are deploying the UiPath tool across industries. 

Within the Sales domain:

Invoice Development and Delivery

It is the perfect example of data replication. Both CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The sales detail will be stored in CRM and accounting systems. Implementing UiPath will deploy bots that can update accounting records, prepare and send invoices from the appropriate email addresses instead of manually replicating data. 

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Keeping Scorecards up to date

Various companies do not have HR and CRM systems integrated. In that case, companies could use UiPath to deploy bots to ensure that CRM adjustments are submitted to scorecards in real-time that will help sales reps to track their progress. 

Within the Banking sector:

Check KYC

UiPath is used to deploy RPA bots that can automate portions of the KYC process. This option is the best if your organization doesn’t want to use a dedicated KYC solution. 

Loan Sanctioning

It’s one of the best use cases where the organization could deploy software bots to process documents. And added to this, RPA bots could help in solving complex business logic when it’s embedded into it. These bots could help in partially automating loan decisions and adding manual processes within it. Check out this UiPath Tutorial for Beginners to gain a comprehensive understanding of RPA technology. 

Within the Healthcare domain:

Scheduling appointments for patients

RPA bots help in making appointments for patients based on diagnoses, doctor availability, location, and other factors such as insurance details and financial statements. 

Supporting Analytics to improve patient treatment

RPA bots are capable of collecting a variety of information concerning patients. These bots could then send these data to third-party healthcare analytics providers for better patient care abiding by all the confidentiality regulations. 

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Benefits of UiPath

Increases productivity:

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Let’s take an example of a professional who is tasked with generating a monthly report that takes nearly four hours when done manually. If UiPath is used to deploy RPA bots, then it will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the task. 

High Efficiency:

Since RPA bots are robots, they could work with high efficiency as they do not need a break and could operate 24 hours. 

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Customer Experience:

RPA bots help in automating tedious tasks that help businesses to improve customer experience. 

Highly Secure: 

There is no risk of data leaking, as each RPA bots perform separate tasks, so data access is strictly monitored and reported. 


UiPath deploys RPA bots that operate with minimal costs and efficiently use IT resources. 

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