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Brands that shape the gaming industry and move it forward

We all require high-tech gear in our life. For studying, working, everyday browsing, etc. But most importantly, it can be used for fun in digital worlds.

There are lots of gaming brands producing PC, laptops, and peripherals. Some are budget-friendly, others are not so. But the more expensive they get, the better quality buyers can enjoy. However, it’s easy to get lost in a variety of different manufacturers. Luckily, there is a portal that reviews gadgets from the most popular brands out there.

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What do you do when you need to buy a new device? You study the market first. Different manufacturers, models, configurations, prices, etc. But searching for all that information is hard work. Besides, it’s not always easy to tell true and paid-for articles apart. Most people apply to ready-made top ratings of gadgets compiled by professionals. One of such resources is

This website releases fresh materials on a regular basis, providing its readers with vital data. All articles there can be divided into 2 categories:

Top lists (the best options to buy with honest pros and cons)

Detailed reviews (covering a particular device)

What exactly can the portal help you with? Anything connected to gaming: laptops, mouses, headsets, graphics cards, monitors, keyboards, chairs, and even components. It can be useful even to non-gamers. There are cool models and devices that will be also suitable for working or studying.

But the most pleasant thing is that articles are not one-sided. They cover the best options in premium, mid-range, and low segments. It means that a reader with any budget will be able to get the necessary advice. Do you want to find the coolest gear and peripherals to buy? Consult this website first!

Best Gaming Gear Brands

Reviews and top lists cover different manufacturers. There are over 20 of them in total, with new ones being gradually added. We’ve picked a few of them as an example:

1. Acer

It’s a multinational company originating from Taiwan and manufacturing high-end electronics. Its products include desktops, laptops, notebooks, etc. It aims at different audiences: gamers, everyday users, and workers. Acer was created in 1976 by electronics engineer Stan Shih and several other founders. Right now, Jason Chen holds the position of its chairman and CEO.

Interesting Facts

– Initially, Acer only focused on manufacturing microelectronics. But Stan Shih quickly understood that this line of business would not bring global success. This is why the founder decided to enter the market of personal computers. It only started to develop back then.

– Acer is present in over 160 countries, employing more than 7500 people specialists.

2. Alienware

It’s an American computer hardware company based in Miami, Florida. It was created by Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila in 1996. 10 years later, it grew into a big international player and got Dell’s attention. This global technology company purchased Alienware, turning it into a subsidiary. Among its products, there are desktops, laptops, OS-based consoles, Graphics Amplifier, etc. Alienware is known for creating expensive high-tech gadgets of advanced designs.

Interesting Facts

– Alienware X17 Intel is one of the most expensive laptops costing about $4500. The price depends on the configuration. It’s a very powerful device meant for gaming.

– The brand is known for producing expensive high-quality products. It uses durable materials, implements the latest innovations, and invests heavily in design.

3. AMD

Advanced Micro Devices is an American semiconductor company. It was founded by a businessman Jerry Sanders in 1969. Now AMD focused on producing central and accelerated processing units. Its direct competitors are such big names as Intel and NVidia. Among other spheres of interest, there are graphics cards, artificial intelligence, video games, etc.

Interesting Facts

– AMD filed a lawsuit against Intel and won $1,25 billion in 2009. Intel collaborated with other brands and tried to push AMD out of the industry. However, the accused party managed to reverse the court judgment in the European Court of Justice. There were some key errors in the proceedings that allowed it to finally win.

– The company experienced great financial difficulties in 2015. Everyone expected it to die, but its Chief Executive Lisa Lu presented a long-term strategy. The new plan saved AMD and allowed it to be reborn. Now it’s a powerful market player.

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4. AndaSeat

It’s a gaming chair manufacturer headquartered in China with branches all over the world. AndaSeat focuses on eSport gamers in the first place, producing comfortable chairs for top teams. It also offers products for those who enjoy high quality. The company was founded in 2007 by Zhou Lin, the current CEO of the brand.

Interesting Facts

– Zhou Lin was passionate about professional racing. So AndaSeat’s main business initially was sports car seats. The company also cooperated with football and volleyball stadiums to manufacture seats for audiences.

– AndaSeat entered the gaming market in 2013, expanding its line of products. This successful move allowed it to establish its presence in over 50 countries.

5. NVidia

It’s an American company that is famous for creating GPUs and graphics cards. But it doesn’t stop here, having a hand in many other spheres. For example, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, etc. Found in 1993 by 3 engineers, it has a great history that leads to success.

Interesting Facts

– Nvidia shaped the gaming industry, releasing the first GPU in 1999. It had more advanced features than its analogs and was a technological breakthrough.

– One of the smaller business lines is manufacturing computer chips for self-driving cars. Nvidia’s tech powers navigation systems and displays. The company’s advancement in artificial intelligence also boosts the development of this automotive industry.

Summing Up

If you want to learn about other brands, welcome to It also features detailed info about such manufacturers as Dell, Evoo, Logitech, Razer, etc. But the most interesting articles are about the gear in particular. Check out the top rating of the best devices to buy in 2022. Use professional experience and advice to make a purchase that won’t disappoint.