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The online system of education that we commonly know as the online education system emerged as a result of the teachers, students and their parents being anxious about how education would be affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns due to which educational institutions of all types like schools, colleges, academies, coaching centres and tuition centres were shut down. This system of education started with the use of online tools that were developed for various other activities but now the system had led to the design and development of a very large number of online platforms that are dedicated to education and the activities related to education. Two years ago, there were neither platforms that existed in the online space to support education and the activities related to an educational institution nor were there any tools and techniques for the same. Now the internet space is flooded with options that the students and teachers can choose from when opting for online education. One such method of conducting online classes and teaching and learning online is an online course that has gained immense popularity, this type of online teaching and learning method was introduced to make teaching and learning in the online space during the pandemic more flexible and inclusive. Online courses have a lot of benefits and are useful for learners around the world even when the schools, colleges and all other educational institutions have reopened and resumed classes in the offline mode. In this article, we will talk about online courses in detail. We will also discuss creating and selling online courses that will help the teachers in making their own online courses for the benefit of the students and teachers. We will be looking at the subjects that you can find online courses for and the reason why online courses are so popular among all. 

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Online courses are very well-known among almost all of us and at some point in time or the other we have used an online course in the last two years. Let us quickly take a look at some of the salient features of an online course. 

  • Anyone can how to create an online course. The creator of an online course does not have to be a teacher by profession to teach online using this type of course. 
  • Anyone can learn with the help of online courses. There are no criteria that have to be fulfilled by the learner and hence anyone can take up an online course and learn and explore more about the topics that interest them or the topics that they ended help in. 
  • Online courses offer a lot of flexibility to the creator as well as the learner. There is no schedule that has to be followed and nobody is supposed to be present in the same virtual classroom space at the same time. The teacher can record videos and create content and upload the same whenever it is convenient for them and the students can watch the videos and read the text material when it is possible for them. 
  • The teacher and the student can be present in completely different parts of the world. This allows the teacher to reach a wider audience and the students to get more sources of learning. 
  • Online courses are available on various platforms for every topic and subject that you can think of. 

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These are also the reasons why these courses are highly beneficial and immensely popular among all. If you wish to create and how to sell courses online, you must first and foremost choose a platform that offers the tools and features for both these tasks. A platform that helps you create content makes the process of launching an online course more convenient and hassle-free. Creating online courses is simple if you have an idea of what you wish to share with your students and how you wish to go about the course. You can use almost all types of media and content formats in your online courses to make your online courses interesting as well as informative. Selling online courses becomes easier when you choose popular platforms and platforms that have an audience for whom your online course is relevant. You can use a lot of promotion tools as well to sell your online course.

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