Creative Ways To Study Notes

Let’s be very honest, it is not fun to study notes online no matter how easy or time convenient it is. to enjoy studying without that offline interaction and engagement can be a bore a lot of times. In fact, students suffer from loneliness and it is hard for them to focus on textbooks and study notes. If you can stay creative while focusing on what kind of learning can help you for exams, attending online classes gets easier. Click here lakeland car accident lawyer.


We all have made presentations numerous times in our lives, whether it is for an assignment, project, or even competitive examinations. the best part about making a presentation is that you no longer need to have access to a laptop or a desktop for it. Students and teachers can easily make a presentation on their mobile phones. Here are a few advantages of converting notes into visual slides;

  • The information is organized with categories, subcategories
  • All the details stay attached in a chronological order
  • Each slide has a minimal amount of content so that students and teachers can focus on the concept rather than going deeper into it
  • Extra notes are present for a more detailed study which can be provided in the form of a PDF at the end of the slide, downloadable and available for saving offline
  • Everyone gets to enhance their creative skills and ability to visualize concepts practically
  • They remember the notes better because visual data is accepted more readily by people than something that we readout

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Teachers always resolve to make a presentation at professional levels because higher education needs already simplified ways of learning. Because only one subject matter is in focus, the topics are complicated enough, and having the notes only in written form can be confusing at times. 

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Students, on the other hand, can switch to making presentations mostly for topics that are too wide and far-fetched. Simply details can be written down for further personal studying material. Presentations are a great way to learn things while innovatively stimulating our brains.


Instead of only practicing sample questions, switch to using flashcards. Have you ever thought about how you can make a group studying session entertaining? Let’s admit it, group study sessions are not simply meant for learning and practicing, but also for catching up with our friends. This engagement has gained more importance because of the pandemic. Whether it is a teacher or a student, they feel overwhelmed by the number of online classes they have to attend every day. This is why, once in a while when they do have the time to come together for a virtual group study, they want something different.

Arrange for flashcards beforehand, every student can have a different set of their own. Play a game, or simply test each other’s knowledge by asking questions from the syllabus or topic that everyone has decided on. You can also hold a flashcard learning session with your family. this is a great way to make everyone feel motivated even in the pandemic, coming together not just for having the meals in a day but for useful learning moments like this.

Color code the notes

Color coding was very popular in the past two, and led to a significant increase in the amount of highlighters students were buying. You will also find many getting sticky notes and labeling each topic according to the difficulty level, or categorizing them as per syllabus needs. In the present times, instead of having a lot of offline studying material, students depend on virtual notes and offline class recordings that their teachers give access to. This is an advantage, you can now create your notes with some great features such as;

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  • Journals and online applications suitable for study notes
  • Comparison charts 
  • Infographics for business backgrounds
  • Study maps to differentiate between chemistry, mathematical, physics notes
  • Practice papers separated according to each topic

Color code them all and see how it works out for you at the end of the session. there is no end to thinking of innovative ways using which you learn better. Everyone has a different perspective on education, it is your responsibility to try out things you like and find the one well suited for your needs.