CUET language preparation tips

Understanding strategies and tips are necessary to crack the CUET national-level entrance test. The student should not only read out the tips and understand but also apply strategic ways to implement them during preparation. This will help them to crack the exam in one attempt. Every subject and course has specialised learning techniques. The CUET language test also has relevant techniques to secure good marks. The students should consider the facts and learning process before starting the preparation.

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CUET Language Test Preparation 2022

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Most students think that language papers are easy to crack and don’t need much hard work. This is a major misconception. Yes, the subject understanding might be easy but addressing the answer in the perfect way with no grammatical error is difficult. Also, the marking for language tests is quite strict. When the answer is 100 % accurate, the examiner will give full marks, but if the examiner finds it difficult to understand, the complete marks can be deducted. Therefore, the students should be very careful with the language test and should prepare well. 

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The English paper of CUET has 50 questions. Out of the 50 questions, students should attempt 40 questions. The students should focus on reading comprehension passages, literary, factual, narrative, literary aptitude and Vocabulary. The English paper is divided into major categories: Reading Comprehension, Synonyms and Antonyms, Verbal Ability, Rearranging the parts, Choosing correct words and Vocabulary.

Here are the tips to prepare the above sections.

  • Reading Comprehension Preparation

Reading comprehension is about understanding the capacity and interpreting what the student understands while reading a passage, fiction or poetry. When the understanding and grasping power of the students are good, they can secure better marks in the section. Reading magazines, newspapers, stories, and articles will help you improve in this section. Solving at least five passages daily will help you understand different passage types and questions asked. For the CUET language test, students must carefully review the questions. Take extra minutes from your estimated time and try to understand the passage. The major keywords will help to formulate the right answers. Once you understand the strategy, you will answer the questions accurately and quickly. 

  • Rearranging the Parts Section

This part of the CUET language test is also very important. This section is all about testing your thinking capacity and basic language skills. Before attempting the rearrangement questions, the students should examine the sentence properly. This will help to figure out the meaning with perfect sentence formation. You should have basic grammar skills and understand what comes before and after while framing the sentence. When you solve multiple questions daily, you will easily rearrange the sentences within a minute.

  • Improving Verbal Ability

You cannot crack any entrance test without strong verbal ability. It is an important section of the exam. Good reading skills are necessary for the CUET English language test section. Reading practice should be regular for the students. It will improve the speed and capacity to score great in this section. Reading a novel every day will be the best way of practising. While reading, new vocab or unfamiliar words are faced, the students should note them down and find out the meanings, antonyms and synonyms. If you face those words in the exam, you can understand them easily and utilise them accurately.  

  • Tips For Synonyms and Antonyms 

Synonyms are words with the same meanings, while antonyms have opposite meanings. But the application of each synonym and antonym in the sentences is different. You can understand them by improving your Vocabulary. You may face questions where the answers are unknown but don’t leave them blank. Take some time, analyse the question and answer it. If you still don’t know the answer, please do not leave it blank and select the option which you feel is right. There are various ways to improve your Vocabulary. When your Vocabulary is good, the skills like reading skills and critical thinking will enhance automatically.

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  • Choosing the Correct Words

Choosing correct words while choosing the options in MCQs is important. Careful reading practice will help you to choose the right words. Sometimes, 4 of the options seem similar, but the minimum difference lies in the grammar of the sentence. Therefore, your grammar skills should be strong. Don’t be impatient when reading the passage. The student should take enough time and stay calm while reading. But remember not to exceed the time limit. Sometimes, the answer may be wrong, but most will be correct when solved with the right strategies. In the language paper, it is always advised to attempt every question without living any of them.

The above strategies will help the students to score maximum marks in the language section. When applied during the preparation, the strategies will be very effective and helpful.