How To Get Temporary Phone Number For Receiving SMS

Temporary numbers are getting more and more popular every day. Millions of people use them to sign up for various websites and apps if they cannot use their own numbers or there is a need to create multiple accounts on the same platform. But sometimes it becomes difficult to find a good provider to work with. Find out answers to the most popular questions about temporary phone numbers as well as the best service to receive SMS online at the moment.

How Do Temporary Numbers Work?

On the technical side, temporary numbers don’t differ much from the numbers we use with our smartphones. Such numbers work in networks of real cellular carriers and there are also physical SIM cards that they belong to. There are some differences though. For example, temporary phone numbers cannot receive calls. Their only purpose is to receive text messages for verification from various online services. However, the biggest difference is that they work online.

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It is not even necessary to have a mobile phone or SIM card to use temporary numbers. Everything happens online on the appropriate website or app. With that said, basically, it is enough to have any device and internet connection to take advantage of them. Moreover, it also makes temporary phone numbers available around the world. You can use them in any country.

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Who Can Use This Feature?

Some people think that temporary numbers are available only for those who have some kind of permission or work for a large company and have big resources. But the truth is that anyone can operate them. Everything that a potential user has to do is visit the specific platform on the internet. Those are available for everyone and most often require only completing a simple registration in order to get access to their features.

In addition, temporary phone numbers are pretty cheap. Even though their price depends on a bunch of factors, in most cases their price is less than a few tens of cents and doesn’t exceed the one dollar mark. So this tool is available for everyone not only in terms of accessibility but also in terms of cost.

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Online Service To Get Temporary Numbers

SMS-Man offers one of the easiest ways on the internet to do this. Its stock is represented by temporary phone numbers from over a hundred countries. Thanks to working directly with suppliers there are even available those ones that are not supported by many other similar platforms. As for supported websites and applications, there are more than a thousand. You can use their numbers to receive SMS online from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tinder, and other popular online services. This is how to use it:

  1. Proceed to and register your account. It can be done with an email address as well as a profile on Google, Facebook, Telegram, or GitHub.
  2. Open the payment tab. You will see a few recharge options including Coinbase, Payeer, and AdvCash. Choose one and use it to replenish your balance with some funds.
  3. Now it’s time to set up parameters for the temporary number. To perform this, move on to the homepage of the website.
  4. Select issuing country of the temporary phone number and website or app from which you are going to receive SMS.
  5. Make a purchase by pressing the buy button.

Your temporary number will pop up at the top of the main page. You just need to copy it and proceed to registration on the chosen app. Once the number is entered and the verification code is requested, get back to the SMS-Man platform and click “Get SMS” to reveal the code. The job is done. You have just learned how to get a temporary phone number and use it to receive SMS. There is nothing difficult about this process at all. Everyone can perform it.