IS NID Better Than NIFT? – NID vs. NIFT 


NID and NIFT are two equally prevalent fashion and designing institutes in India. When any aspirants want to pursue designing courses, the two names that flash in their minds are NIFT and NID. NIFT is the acronym for National Institute of fashion technology, and NID is an acronym for National Institute of design. 

These two institutes are government-owned institutes that offer all sorts of designing and fashion courses with mere course fees. However, getting admission to these institutes is quite monotonous. To secure your place, you have to clear entrance exams competing with thousands of other aspirants.

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If you desire to pursue a career in fashion and designing, this editorial will aid you in finding the difference between NID and NIFT. In summary, you can acknowledge which one amongst the two is better. So, keep exploring the column below to unfold the difference between NID and NIFT.

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NID and NID exam

NID stands for National Institute of Design. There are six NIDs in different locations in India. Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Gandhi Nagar, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, and Assam. All the aspirants interested in pursuing a career in designing can join NIDs after appearing on the DAT test. NID filters aspirants in two stages of the exam. 

It includes prelims and mains exams. The prelims exam is an offline paper, whereas the mains exam is an online paper. Aspirants in the NID DAT exam have to face 26 MCQs in prelims. On successfully clearing the prelims, they will move on to the mains exam. The main exam asks candidates to upload theme posters in less than 10 MB PDF files. Applicants can use any media to make posters.

NIFT and NIFT entrance test

NIFT is another prestigious institute offering your design and fashion technology courses at the National Institute of Design. Every year NIFT advertises and conducts an entrance exam for offering seats in NIFTs at several locations of India. With the aid of the NIFT entrance exam, the conducting body shortlists aspirants for admissions. Unlike NID, NIFT only has a single stage of entrance exam. The exam conducts in an offline mode once a year. Every aspirant gets 3 hours of time to complete the exam. Further, the applicants also have to appear for the exam in the English language.

Besides exams, the application process in NIFT is also quite easy to attain. Applicants have to furnish details in an online enrolment process.

Difference between NIFT and NID

As the two most prominent institutes for pursuing courses, both these institutes entice applicants largely. However, most of the time, applicants are uncertain about the entrance exam that they must appear. Here, you will learn the difference between two exams and their significance that can help you make an informed decision.

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NID is an institute that emphasizes product development, design, and innovation. There are many global acclamations in the name of NID that proves it as one of the best institutes. Moreover, you can also conclude that NID educates aspirants about art, designing, improvising aesthetic sense, and product development. 

In contrast to NID, NIFT is an institute that solely operates to educate aspirants about fashion designs. In fact, NIFT is India’s reputed and globally known fashion institute that has produced several fashion designing professionals. NIFT emphasizes fabric design and illustration of art on garments. It is more devoted to garment fashion.

So, both these institutes are two different in nature design institutes. Aspirants interested in product designing can enroll for NID DAT exams, whereas applicants interested in fashion technology and garment designing can enroll in NIFT.

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Which amongst the two is better?

NIFT is an institute that solely commits to the fashion domain. It includes working on leather, Knitwear, Fashion communication, and a lot more. It offers the most high-quality training to applicants by collaborating with fashion institutes of New York. Pursuing your career in NIFT offers you an opportunity to work in several textile industries and even open your own establishment.

However, NID offers you product designing, development, and innovation. It is more of technological knowledge. Reading NIDs will also open you up to several industries. You can work with several industries to develop and innovate their product lining. In close comparison, NIFT is better than NID, as it offers you opportunities abroad as well. If you are curious about Fashion technology, you must enroll yourself at NIFT.


Keeping it short, this is how NID is different from NIFT. Now that you know the difference and significance, you can make a better decision. You should also choose the program that fascinates you the most.