The Ultimate Guide To Philippine Navy Recruitment

Philippine Navy Recruitment: So you want to join the Philippine Navy? Serving your country can be a wonderful way to build skills and the Navy is no exception. This simple guide will cover everything you need to know about Philippine naval enlistment.

Naval Enlistment In The Philippine

Naval Enlistment In The Philippines – May 12, 2020 (3 min) The selection and enrolment of people volunteering to serve their country contribute towards making a navy is known as recruiting.

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Criteria Of The Philippine Navy Enlistment Offer

Criteria Of The Philippine Navy Enlistment Offer

To get into the Philippine Navy, you usually higher than:

  • Filipino: You need to be a Filipino.
  • From ages 18 to about early-mid twenties.
  • Education: High school grad or better.
  • Health: Medical and physical examinations are clear
  • EAcct: Good order and no criminal aspect

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The Naval Enlistment Process

Steps To Become a Member of the Philippine Navy

  • TO APPLY: Please apply by completing an online application or visiting the Services Bureau.
  • Physical Exams: You will undergo tests to measure your physical capacity.
  • Having a Check-up: you will be examined by a physician.
  • Written Test– You will appear for an examination to test your knowledge of basic subjects.
  • Interview: Answer why you want to join and interview with navy officers regarding your ability.
  • Background Check: They will investigate your education, work record, and behavior.
  • Bootcamp: Even if you pass everything, You will go through basic military training to be trained in navy knowledge.

Benefits Of Joining The Navy

Benefits Of Joining The Navy

Here are the advantages of joining the Philippine Navy:

  • Solid Job: Something reliable with opportunity for advancement.
  • Education & Career: Earn more with training, and learn something new.
  • Healthcare: Be seen for medical and dental needs as you serve.
  • Retirement – Rewards granted to you when retire.

Preparation For Philippine Navy Recruitment

To prepare for Navy recruitment, follow these steps:

  • Exercise and Diet: To remain in the best physical condition possible.
  • If possible, have: Study Simple Subjects such as Maths & English for the test.
  • Navy Overview: know how the Navy works and what is expected from you physically.
  • Prepare Yourself: Take the enlistment process seriously and use it as an opportunity to show your enthusiasm for serving.


Naval enlistment is one of the means to serve your land with pride and work all together for a common good. More stories from Now you know what has to get done, how it works, and why joining might work for you. Prepare yourself physically and emotionally to embark on a rewarding career in our Philippine Navy the Chosen Few!


What Is Philippine Navy Recruitment?

The enlistment process of people for the Philippine Navy and other Naval Forces.

What Are the Philippine Navy Recruitment Requirements?

Normally, to get accepted by the Philippine Navy recruitment are the following requirements an applicant should be a Filipino citizen, must have attained 18-26 years of age, graduate from at least high school level education, and pass physical exams; medical exams; and demonstrate good moral character.

How Can I Apply For Philippine Navy Recruitment?

Application for Philippine Navy recruitment can be done by completing an application form either through the official website of the Philippine Navy or on-site in any designated naval district & wine stores.

What Occurs In A Philippine Navy Enlistment Process?

This involves physical fitness tests, medical examinations, a written exam, interviews with navy officials background checks, and successful completion of the Basic Military Training for qualified candidates.

Why You Should Consider Philippine Navy Recruitment?

The Philippine Navy recruitment has some incentives such as job security with ample promotion, training for specific fields of specialization, free health-care services by the navy, and other numerous benefits to enjoy during retirement all while proud honor in serving our nation.