Tabular curriculum vitae are divided into at least four sections

In this article we will share with you the secrets and tricks of writing a resume without mistakes. You will be able to use them at any time and check your document for typical resume writing blunders so you can get rid of them in time!

Grammatical and spelling mistakes

Perhaps let’s start with the most obvious but very common problem – having mistakes in your resume. In terms of grammar, spelling and meaning, it should be perfectly written.

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Incorrect resume length

Often, job seekers try to fit as much information into one page of a resume as they think it’s more appropriate to use a one-page format. Sometimes, a resume can look over-saturated or lacking in essential information.

Use of Inappropriate Photos

In some countries it is customary to include a photo on your resume, and in some countries it is not customary at all. If you definitely decide to add a photo, you should look professional in it, and about as if you were going to a job interview wearing it. Photos from beach vacations cannot be used.

Lack of facts to back up your experience and skills

It’s easy to write that you’re a great employee and a professional. But that’s not enough. It’s much better if you can show with facts why you’re worth hiring. You can use specific data to do this. Too simple wording in the Objective and Career Summary sections.

The “Objective” and “About Me” sections are used at the beginning of your resume and provide an opportunity to briefly describe your value and motivation for getting a new job.

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One resume for all jobs

Are you interested in many jobs and want to create one optimal resume? Sounds tempting, but not at all effective. To make sure that happens, absolutely every section of your resume should be aimed at one specific job, because every employer has different requirements.

Not having the right keywords

It’s critical to identify and use the right keywords in your resume, because this makes it relevant to hiring managers or programs that scan resumes before they get into the hands of recruiters.

Incorrect type of resume design

Absolutely all job seekers have a different career path and the layout of content on their resumes can vary. There are several types of resume design. Do you get the idea that local resume services near me can solve these issues? The answer is yes they can. Ours is one of those services. To do that you need to email us online. And we’ll answer any questions you may have.