The 8 Best Civil Engg Jobs You Can Get

Civil engineers have a crucial role to play in the construction of a country, state, or city’s system of buildings, bridges, tunnels, and roads. As a civil engineer, you might be in the private sector as an overseer of repairs and constructions or you can be in the public sector to uphold the government safety standards. Keeping everything in mind, here are the top civil engineer jobs to consider.

#1 Surveyor

A surveyor has to measure and assess property locations and boundaries to find out the specifications of building sites. You will also have to research land titles or records for verifying data precision before presenting the findings to relevant authorities. Their findings are used for leases, deeds, and so on.

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#2 CAD Technician

As a CAD technician, you will have to use computer-aided designing software for project planning. Technicians might go through design work or drawings and carry out the necessary research for meeting the building code specification. You will have to work with 2D or 3D plans.

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#3 Building Engineer

Building engineers offer repair and maintenance services for different healthcare facilities, workplaces, and apartments. If you get such civil engineer jobs in Pune, you might also get the responsibility of overseeing manufacturing facilities or privately owned hotels. You will need to have extensive ideas of cooling and heating equipment for that.

#4 Water Hygiene Engineer

A water hygiene engineer might work in wastewater or water treatment plants to oversee the system operations and right treatment protocols. As a part of this job, you will have to carry out equipment inspections and ensure the continued operation of gauges and meters.

#5 Urban Planner

Basically, urban planners work with developers, the community, and public officials to plan the use and development of urban land. As an urban planner, you will have to collect data and assess market economics to make recommendations for projects or site plans. You will have to stay updated on building and zoning codes.

#6 Fire Engineer

A fire engineer has the responsibility of implementing the fire protection and safety practices. You will have to meet with clients and authorities to abide by fire safety regulations. Additionally, you will have to monitor code needs and data research for the installation of fire safety and suppression systems.

#7 Transport Planner

A transport planner works in the private or public sector to formu

late transportation strategies that address the requirements of transport users, such as pedestrians and cyclists. You will have to consider safety, efficiency, and environmental issues in your strategy.

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#8 Field Service Engineer

Field service engineers, also called engineering technicians, are mainly responsible for scheduling of repairs, equipment maintenance, and the installation of engineering and electrical products. You might get to directly work with clients in these civil engineer jobs in Bangalore as they lease, rent, or own engineering equipment.

The most important thing about attaining success in a job is to work hard with dedication and determination. So, go ahead and apply for the job that you feel passionate about and never stop working hard.


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