Understanding Why PDF File Sizes Increase And How To Reduce Them


Just when you were going to submit your assignment in a rush about 30 minutes before its deadline, You realized that the assignment’s PDF file had exceeded the given limit and could not be submitted. You are so tense that you won’t be able to make it on time. You are in such a frustrating situation that, honestly, you wished to pull your hair apart in vexation. But why does this file size increase?

Why Does PDF File Size Increase?

Now You will be thinking, why are your PDF files so large? When a few specific things happen, PDFs become noticeably larger. 

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PDFs can be enormous, for starters, if one or more fonts have been embedded and subset within the PDF file. Also, adding a single typeface to a PDF document can occasionally result in a significant increase in file size. 

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Secondly, photos can be a problem. The overall resolution and bit-depth can directly impact the file size, especially when employing high-quality color photographs.  For instance, if you have to submit an assignment on the geography of any country and we have to add too many images of different locations. If the image is used of high resolution, it can also cause an increase in pdf size. If you have added any bookmarks or any links, it can also cause an increase in size. 

Another reason that can cause an increase in pdf size is if you repeatedly edit or save in preview.

 It comes to the reason that when there are more pages of content in a file, it will cause the size of the PDF to increase. The majority of people do not consider the number of pages when looking at a PDF file. When someone uses excessive text within the file, it also causes the size to increase. For example, we write way too much about some particular thing and don’t remain within the allowed text limit. Moreover, using a lousy document converter to PDF can result in a significantly larger PDF file size.

How To Resize Your Big PDFs without any hassle?

The size of your PDFs should never hamper your project. You can use large files to trip up to our creative process. So, what’s the good news here? It’s simple to change the size of your PDF; there are a few options that are discussed below.

Duplichecker.com – Compress PDF

To compress pdf documents, you can use the pdf optimizer online. Free online pdf compressor compresses the PDF without compromising the quality of the text or images. By dragging the PDF file into the pdf reducer, you may instantly reduce its size. This tool reduces the size of your large PDF document to roughly 100 kb while maintaining the data quality. Sharing PDF files becomes a lot easier after you use this free service. 


PDF Compressor is an online pdf size optimizer that is both free and simple to use. You can utilize the platform immediately from your web browser because there is no software to download. We have been using it for years, and it does what it claims to do: compress PDF files. It’s also worth noting that PDF Compressor can change documents to and from PDF format, which is a valuable function for organizations.

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Adobe Acrobat’s PDF Optimizer Application

You may want more control over which parts of your document are decreased in quality or eliminated at times. In these cases, the PDF optimizer application is the best option. It’s a good idea to audit a file’s space utilization before optimizing it – see which parts, such as fonts, photos, and so on, are consuming the most data. The results may help you figure out where you may save space in your files. Acrobat compresses a PDF file without sacrificing quality. The PDF compression feature in Acrobat strikes a balance between optimal file size and expected image, typography, and other file content quality.

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is a free PDF compressor that produces high-quality, dependable PDFs. It also offers a paid desktop program. The free online tool is simple and interacts with Google Drive and Dropbox to make file uploading a breeze. The Compressed pdf files keep the majority of their original quality while being simple to email or upload. If you’re in search of a free PDF optimizer, Soda PDF is a good choice.


The PDF compressors on these sites do not compromise the integrity of your PDF file while reducing its size. All you require is a fast speed internet connection on your smartphone to use these tools. The program does not require the user to undertake any additional tasks. You will not be charged anything or required to register to use this service to compress PDF files. If you need to send a large file over the internet and avoid any additional problems, you can use a PDF compressor application.