What Is NRML In Zerodha?

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In the world of investing, online trading platforms have become increasingly popular. One of the most popular online trading platforms in India is Zerodha, which offers a wide range of investment options and tools for traders. One of the features offered by Zerodha is NRML, which is an abbreviation for Normal Margin.

In this blog, we will discuss what NRML is and how it is used in trading on Zerodha.

What Is NRML In Zerodha?

NRML is a type of margin trading facility offered by Zerodha. Margin trading allows traders to buy and sell stocks and other securities by borrowing funds from their broker. NRML allows traders to take positions in the market that can be held overnight, as well as intraday positions.

In NRML, traders are required to maintain a minimum amount of funds in their trading account as a margin. The margin amount varies depending on the stock being traded and is set by the exchange. This margin acts as collateral for the trader’s borrowed funds and protects the broker from losses if the trader is unable to repay the loan.

How Is NRML Used In Trading On Zerodha?

NRML is used for overnight trading, which means that the position taken by the trader can be held for one or more days. This type of trading is also known as delivery-based trading, as the shares bought by the trader are delivered to their demat account. The trader must have sufficient funds in their account to cover the margin requirement for the trade.

NRML can be used for trading in equities, futures, options, and currency derivatives. When a trader places an NRML order, the order remains valid until it is executed or cancelled by the trader.

Advantages Of NRML In Zerodha

NRML offers several advantages to traders. Firstly, it allows traders to take positions in the market without having to pay the full cost of the shares upfront. Secondly, it allows traders to hold positions overnight, giving them the opportunity to benefit from price movements over a longer period. Lastly, NRML provides leverage to traders, which means that they can take larger positions in the market than they would be able to do with their own funds.


NRML is an important feature offered by Zerodha for traders who want to take positions in the market that can be held overnight. It provides leverage to traders and allows them to benefit from price movements over a longer period. However, traders must be aware of the risks involved in margin trading and ensure that they have sufficient funds in their account to cover the margin requirement for their trades.


Can I Sell NRML On The Same Day?

Yes, you can. NRML/MIS are product types offered by brokers that decide how much leverage you get. To the Exchange they mean nothing. You can buy and sell the position in NRML on the same day.

What Is The Difference Between Mis And NRML In Zerodha?

NRML Vs MIS Order Type

NRML stands for Normal order. MIS is used for intraday trading i.e. buying and selling the same stock same day. Applicable only for F&O, Currency, and Commodity segment. NRML positions can be held till expiry.

Can I Convert NRML To Mis The Next Day?

Yes, you can convert an NRML position to MIS.

Once you convert the NRML position to MIS, you need to square off the open position the same day, failing which the broker will auto square at the available price with additional charges.

What Is Cnc Vs Mis Vs NRML?

MIS stands for Margin Intraday Squareoff. NRML stands for Normal Product. CNC stands for Cash and Carry. If an order is placed under MIS, it will get squared off automatically at 3:15.


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