Why Are Spark Plugs So Important to Your Car Engine?

Spark plugs are very important components of an engine and are highly responsible for its performance. Without these, you can’t even run a car and also play an essential role in the functioning of your car. The health of a spark plug is directly related to the performance of an engine and it’s always good that you buy a high-quality spark plug from boodmo.com. Moreover, in this post, you will read the importance or role of spark plugs in your engine.

#  Spark Plugs and their function :

As you know spark plugs play a huge role in starting your car and making it run. The number of these spark plugs installed depends on the size of the engine of your car. Generally, most of the vehicles have at least 4 and some may have up to 16 as well and you can find and buy from a wide range of spark plugs from boodmo. These are the vehicle’s ignition systems and comprise electrical and timing equipment. Moreover, spark plugs are made from durable material that is sufficient to ignite many times before wearing out. Also, at the end of the spark plug, the voltage can be from 20,000 to 100,000 volts.

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In spark plugs, the one end takes in electricity for producing a spark at the second end. The produced spark ignites the air as well as gas in the cylinders and creates combustion for firing up the engine of a car. The spark creates an explosion and forces the piston back downward. This turns the crankshaft into an engine and creates the power which lets a car move forward. Hence, as the car starts running these spark plugs keep firing and igniting and the car engine runs. Apart from this, you won’t find these spark plugs in a diesel engine because they use higher compression ratios for producing combustion instead of depending on the ignition created from a spark plug.

# Characteristics of Spark Plug :

Spark plugs are small in size and have a very complex arrangement of components. It comprises:

  1.     Terminal
  2.     Ceramic Insulators
  3.     Hex
  4.     Insulator Tip
  5.     Gaskets
  6.     Metal Case
  7.     Center Electrode
  8.     Ground

The central inner electrode inside the spark plug is insulated from heat by a white porcelain shell. For creating a spark it gets electricity from the central electrode. This is connected to the ignition coil of a vehicle by an insulated wire. Moreover, the bottom tip of the spark plug extends into the combustion slot where ignition of the air and fuel mixture happens.

# Various types of Spark Plugs :

There are various types of spark plugs that have diverse ways to use. You can purchase different types of spark plugs from boodmo as per the needs of your vehicle. Some of the spark plugs are as follows:

  1.     Standard Spark Plugs –

Standard Spark Plugs are commonly used and are suggested by numerous car manufacturers as well. This type of spark plug has a long service life as well as ideal for low and medium engine speeds.

  1.     Iridium Spark plugs –

These are the racing spark plugs and are known for producing high engine power at medium to reach the top speed easily. But these are not ideal for daily use as they cause the car’s stationary position to be unbalanced and has a short life.

  1.     Platinum Spark plugs –

Platinum Spark plugs are also referred to as racing spark plugs and the tip of an electrode is slightly tapered. Additionally, at low engine speed, these spark plugs offer more responsive power and have a shorter service life as compared to the standard spark plugs.

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# Indications of Troubled or Worn Car Spark Plug :

  1.     Slow Acceleration
  2.     High Fuel Consumption
  3. Hard Starting
  4.     Engine surge
  5.     Yellow coating on the spark plug

# Tips for selecting Spark Plugs :

  1.     Confirm that the size, thread length, diameter, as well as length of the insulator follows the engine specifications and proposed use. It’s not good to use spark plugs of different sizes because it can lead to piston damage.
  2.     The spark plug heat number must be adjusted with the specifications of a car. A cold spark plug will affect carbon deposits on ​​the spark plug. On the contrary, a too hot spark plug will cause overheating.

# Final Words :

Spark plugs have great importance to your car engine and you must buy them from a reliable manufacturer. The rate of the spark plug mainly depends on the type of spark plug used for the needs of your car. Hence, buying a spark plug from boodmo is easy and you get high-quality products at very feasible prices.