This lockdown has provided many of us more free time than we’ve ever had before. Time that we never imagined we’d have.

This extra time allows us to accomplish things we’ve always wanted to do or would want to do more of, depending on our personal circumstances. I believe it is reasonable for us to use this time productively and to do activities that are significant to us.

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This blog post discusses 5 productive things to do this lockdown. 

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#1 Start a blog/journal: 

You could reflect on this time and analyze your memories or perhaps your ideas from the previous day or week. You may do this in private on your computer, smartphone, or, better, in a notepad. Consider taking it a step further and starting a personal blog where you can transform your everyday experiences into weekly or monthly pieces that others can read and learn from. Putting pen to paper once a day, in either case, might be a worthwhile 15-minute hobby.

#2 Meditate: 

While under quarantine, it’s critical to be aware of your surroundings as well as your own health, and meditation may help you relax in times of uncertainty. Find a quiet area, light some candles, and listen to some therapeutic meditation music to cleanse you.

 Meditation is one of the most effective ways to alleviate stress and enhance your overall health right now. If you’re new to meditation and mindfulness, both Aura and Headspace can assist.

#3 Exercise: 

Exercise benefits the immune system in a variety of ways. Frequent physical activity, according to a research from the University of Valencia, might help the immune system age more slowly. Aside from the long-term impacts, even a modest bit of exercise can boost the body’s natural killer cell production, which is the immune system’s second line of defense.

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#4 Learn a new Language: 

It is usually beneficial to learn the language of the country where you will be going in a few years. Being able to speak fluently in the local language will undoubtedly open doors for you and helps you break the ice with many of the residents, making your day-to-day life more exciting. If you already speak the language of the nation you’re visiting, learning a new one will almost certainly lead to new friendships.

#5 Join a class: 

These days there are a lot of celebrity instructors teaching all that they know to the fellow students. Students can learn from the celebrities by joining the best celebrity classes online. This celebrity taught courses can prove to be helpful if you want improve your skills. Courses from celebrities can provide you with an angle that you need in order to excel in any field. Join the celebrity taught courses online can unlock your true potential.

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#6 Learn New Technology:

Lockdown has given a chance to professionals to expand their knowledge technology certifications. This will give a chance to get a boost in your career. You can go for AI, Machine learning, Data Science, Salesforce, Java, Python or DevOps Certification.