What are the benefits of comparing   various health insurance policies before you purchase one?


Most of us would not differ on the point that health insurance is expensive. But if you have the right type of insurance plan you could sail through the adversity properly. Apart from providing you with numerous benefits like cashless hospitalization, there are numerous benefits ofhealth insurance for youth. Annual check -up, pre and post health care hospitalization are part of the plan. It would serve as a tax saving instrument enabling you to save down on tax during the process. For all these reasons health insurance needs to be part of your financial portfolio. Click here petersburg car crash attorneys.

The reasons you need to compare health insurance before buying

Comparing the health insurance plans before you choose one of them turns out to be crucial. Let us get to the reasons on why you should be doing it



  • Affordable premium is the key- when you are planning to purchase a health insurance plan affordability happens to be the key. It depends upon your health care needs and your financial stability, be it at a family or an individual level the premium of a policy is important
  • Making an informed decision- A proper comparison of the various policies would throw light on the types of coverage provided by these policies. It is going to provide you with an idea on how to figure out the exclusions, or inclusions, waiting period among others. A combination of all these factors enables you to arrive at a sensible decision.
  • Based on your requirements you may choose the best plan- Numerous health insurance plans are available in the market with a magnitude of benefits. A careful comparison of the insurance plans will enable you to channelize your requirements and you may pick one as per your needs. Do not fall into the trap that the best of policies would be working for you.
  • Additional benefits are on offer- Most of the health insurance plans have additional benefits apart from the routine ones. An example is that there are numerous policies that is going to provide you with alternative coverage options. This is going to be unnoticed but when you are comparing them, numerous points may comprehend adding to the coverage.

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Before you are choosing a health insurance plan keep the following pointers in mind

After filtering and narrowing down there are a few points you need to give a serious hard thought

  • Watch out for critical diseases- there are some types of diseases like stroke, liver or kidney failure that is referred to as critical diseases. A notable feature is that the incidence of such type of diseases is rising in a country like India. So, when you are opting for an insurance plan you need to check out whether it provides coverage and hospitalization expenses for such diseases. Care Insurance is a household name when it comes to health insurance since it goes on to provide a comprehensive coverage
  • Check out the reviews- check out the pre and post reviews that a customer posts after taking an insurance policy. It can be via an online and offline mode. In addition, the claim settlement process works out to be another important point of consideration
  • Sub- limits- there would be capping in place when it comes to the specific amount of money dedicated to a specific disease. Examples would be hospital rent and a lot of others. You need to check out for the best possible benefit before you choose a policy
  • Waiting period- Most of the health insurance policies do not cover all pre-existing diseases from the date of availing the policy. A waiting period exists before such a situation happens. The waiting period is applicable to any form of diseases, and it can be the current or the earlier ones.
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  • Check out the list of network hospitals- this is an important point of consideration when you are choosing a health insurance policy. Coming to cashless claim of a policy it may only happen at the network of hospitals that is specified. Hence before you are investing in a plan check out the list of network hospitals. Always make sure that the list of network hospitals needs to be accessible.
  • Lifetime renewability- such a feature would allow you to continue the policy without any form of age restrictions. So, it is better that you opt for such a policy where there are less hassles and the premium would also be on the lower side.

To enhance the coverage of your policy you can add on coverage to the policy. Numerous add on features are provided by the companies. One can tap on to the website to obtain more information about the same.