7 Best YouTube Channels for Learning English

Do you want a better chance of getting hired? Do you wish to be able to converse with your professors and students in a fluent manner? If you’re looking for a learning platform, YouTube is a good choice.

English is a universal language and if you are fluent enough in speaking and writing, you have an edge over other people in the world. You’ll be able to communicate with people from all over the world, which will aid you in seizing the opportunities that life presents.

Learning is a never-ending process. There are YouTube channels that you can subscribe to if you wish to learn English or improve your speaking skills.

  • BBC Learning English

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This channel posts videos regularly and this is one of the most well-organized channels that you could find on any YouTube channel. They also post extra videos every week to help their subscribers learn English. Each video was created by a team of professionals, which are really well-produced and short.

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  • English Addict With Mr. Duncan

For almost ten years, Mr. Duncan has had a popular English language YouTube channel. From idioms to grammar to specialty vocabulary, Mr. Duncan’s channel covers practically every aspect of British English. Instead of making brief video lessons, he now offers free live stream sessions three times a week, where viewers can ask questions. You can also watch his old videos in which he plays a character who frequently exaggerates words.

  • Rachel’s English

Rachel’s English is an excellent resource for learning how to pronounce words in American English. Rachel’s English is the perfect YouTube channel for you if you want to improve your pronunciation skills. Every week, new videos are released, all of which include closed captioning to assist non-native speakers.

  • Speak English With Tiffani

If you have studied English but face problems while speaking, then you should subscribe to the YouTube channel, Speak English with Tiffani. This channel is designed to assist you in learning how to speak English. New videos are released every week to highlight particular English tips and tricks that can help you become a better English speaker.

  • JenniferESL

This channel will help you in becoming more confident and effective in your English communication. Her well-organized playlists cover all of the essential parts of the English language, including vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar. You can also pay $1 per month to become a member of her channel and receive language tasks twice a week in exchange for consistent practice.

  • Learn English with EnglishClass101.com

The videos in this channel explain grammatical rules and common expressions. Lessons are often fast-paced and best suited to those who already have a decent command of the language. You can also enroll in an English interactive course offered by this channel to improve swiftly in your English learning while simultaneously learning alongside listeners from all over the world.

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  • VOA Learning English

With captioned TV news reports, simpler language, and reading at a considerably slower speed, the YouTube channel helps you to learn American English. While strengthening your English abilities, you’ll learn about current events and become accustomed to watching English news. A free 52-week course is also available on the channel in which video lectures correspond to worksheets and quizzes on their website.

YouTube is an excellent learning resource. You can learn a wide range of skills through and learning English is one of them. The YouTube videos are quick but filled with essential information, and you will see a difference in your ability to communicate in English after just one short session per day.

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