Teaching Personal Hygiene to the Children

A Parent’s job is to take care of their child and teach him or her all those essential life skills which can make their life better and healthy further. And they leave no stone unturned in order to accomplish this job. But the most important one is teaching personal hygiene to the children. Knowledge of personal hygiene is very important for the students to keep their health and mind healthy and sound. People and students were not very attentive towards personal hygiene until the pandemic Covid-19 hit the world and devastated the whole system of the world. During the pandemic the basic measures to escape infection were based on personal hygiene, where people have to wash their hands properly and have to wash their clothes regularly. During the same time period the education sector also got affected by this pandemic and students stopped going to the schools where they used to learn about many good attributes like personal hygiene. Students and kids were advised to take care of personal hygiene during this time period very carefully.  Even institute ERP is focused on adding such books in the curriculum which include such practical and essential lessons. According to the institute ERP students should be taught about personal hygiene from their very tender age so that they can be habitual of practicing personal hygiene. Today when students have adopted online learning then they are getting much more information about personal hygiene. School management software maintains the addition of such new lessons to the syllabus of the kids which can make their learning updated. School management software also looks forward to the fact that during online learning students should get in contact with more and more such lessons which can be as good as personal hygiene. As home is the first school of the kids and parents are their first tutors then let’s understand how they can teach their kids about personal hygiene:

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  • Parents need to make their kid understand that more germs are spread through the contact of hands like when people shake hands, give anything to each other, touch each other, pass through somebody and hands get touched etc. Habit of regularly washing the hands will prevent the child from getting sick again and again. Parents should encourage the child to wash their hands when they are dirty, before eating something, after cleaning their bikes, after touching any body fluids like blood, urine or vomit, after using the bathroom, after touching any pet, they should put hands on mouth while sneezing or coughing.
  • Children should be made to understand that they should take bath and shower daily which is necessary for the regular cleaning of the body. I should have a routine in the morning and at night before going to bed. During shower kids should clean their body properly especially their genital and anal areas, under arms, nose and ears, shampoo the hairs and clean the scalp. And after the shower they should dress properly. Time to time they need to cut their nails when they grow and should get their hairs trimmed to groom themselves.
  • Parents should teach their kids to wash their clothes daily instead of piling them up to be washed by somebody else at home. Their clothes should be fresh and should not have bad odour and most importantly underwear should be washed regularly on a daily basis to maintain hygiene. Students can iron their clothes & uniform if they are grown up and if not then they can get it ironed by any elder in home and hang it almirah properly. Parents should teach their kids to push their shoes by themselves and keep their uniform ready to wear neat and clean.
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  • Apart from above directly related to body hygiene there are some hygiene which is related to kid’s body indirectly but necessary to be applied on regular basis like when they go to toilet they should never forget to flush, whenever they return home after playing either they should wash their hands and legs properly or should take a proper bath, doesn’t matter how good friendship they have they should never wear their best buddy’s clothes or underwear. Avoid using anything that is in direct contact of their body like other handkerchiefs, comb, moisturizer or clothes.

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