Grounds on Which Your Workers’ Compensation Is Denied

If you have filed for workers’ compensation, you should be ready for the refusal on any grounds. It may seem different when you knew that you had a workers’ compensation with you. Employees may feel relaxed when they know that they already have an insurance policy, which will pay them at the time of need. However, when they actually need it, things may be different. You must know about workers’ comp in Cedar Rapids beforehand so that you don’t get depressed later on. Some of the grounds on which it may be rejected are elaborated below:

Whether it is a work-related injury

It has been observed that your employer may deny the claim saying that your injury is not related to the workplace. He may come up with several excuses such as your injury is not the result of the accident at the workplace. It may give rise to several conflicts between you and the employer. To prove it, you need supporting documents that show that you were injured at your workplace due to a lack of training or other reasons. A workers’ comp lawyer is the best person, who can help you gather these documents.

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You have missed the deadlines

Every claim comes with a specific timeline to be followed. If you have missed these deadlines, you are likely to get your claim denied. That’s why it is highly recommended to report your work-related injury to your employer at the earliest. Every state has its own time limits for reporting injuries and filing a claim. You have to follow them to get the right compensation.

Your condition does not qualify for workers’ compensation

According to the labor laws, several medical conditions qualify for getting compensation such as back, spine, and head injuries. In many cases, your mental health can also be considered for compensation. However, if you think that you can ask for compensation for work-related stress, you will either have to contact your lawyer or the employer’s insurance company. Such conditions may not qualify for the compensation.

If you have left the job

After getting injured in your office, you have left your job. However, if you want to obtain compensation for the same injury, your claim will be analyzed on various grounds such as the time when you reported the injury and the cause of the delay. 

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A workers’ comp lawyer is someone, who knows your legal rights as an employee and hence, can guide you better.