Importance of Good Learning Environment in School

Just like any other human being, atmosphere inspires, motivates and demotivates students and also makes a relevant impact on their performance. Students have to pay a lot of attention and focus to learn and study their curriculum. They have to go through different subjects and their different aspects by putting in hard work and continuous learning. A healthy school and community environment is good for every student but its necessity can be felt in every sector related to students’ life. A healthy school environment provides overall development to the students. Such an environment creates a positive atmosphere which provides an opportunity to the students to grow completely and that too with good attributes. LMS (learning management system) of any school also focuses on providing a healthy school and community environment along with innovative tools of learning like few educational firms sell online courses and they take care that students should get ample amount of help while learning that is why they sell courses online(read how to sell courses online here) mostly. This feature of LMS ensures parents that their kids are getting a better education. A healthy school environment makes the student discover their talents and interests. A healthy school and community environment maintains the mental and physical well-being of the students. Most of the time students have to face some such situations that they start to feel scared to get to the school. There might be any reason, it can be bullying of other stronger students or violent and too much punitive behavior of the teachers or too much lengthy course material which scares them but they don’t feel safe to go to the school and this should be taken in concern very seriously as soon as possible. This is the reason why students feel very safe to study online and teachers also make every effort to learn how to teach online. Those teachers who don’t know how to teach anyhow and just know to scare the children with sticks only don’t know how to teach online too and they create unsafe environments for children.

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A good learning environment is created by good tutors and they need to understand their responsibilities. Tutors need to manage all the stuff related to a student’s academic life in the school. So, they are the key factor to change the whole scenario. They need to build positive relationships with students as well as parents also so that this whole positive leaning thing can go in an integrated way. Communication is a wonderful thing so tutors need to use it and make parents as well students understand that come what may they need to collaborate for the learning process. They can create their learning material for the students with the latest information and sell online courses for students. They can choose any mediums like directly contacting the students who do not usually get good learning material or sell courses online. Also tutors need to communicate with students on a personal level and ask their issues and problems regarding learning so that students can be made optimistic. Teachers should organise class meetings and group sessions in which they need to encourage students to express themselves, their feelings and thought about life and learning they learn in the class, about how they feel in the class. Instead of leading the discussion and conversation let the students lead the discussion so that if they have something on their heart burdening them, they can vent it out. Tutors should apply different teaching approaches to grab the grasping power of students and make them comfortable in the class. Apart from this it should be ensured that students should be connected with the tutor. This connection makes the students feel free to approach the tutor anytime in the hours of need and thus the bond between teacher and students becomes stronger. 

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A good school should represent itself as anti- racism, anti-communism and anti-violence so that students can learn the lesson of equality, love and affection and can believe in humanity. Schools are called temples of education so students should be taught there how to be beneficial to their peer-group, family and society so that they can learn at that tender age how to be a good citizen. Social service should be imparted as an integral part of the curriculum of students like forestation, cleaning the city, organizing distribution of clothes and food among the poor. Such a good environment of school inspires the students to perform in various extracurricular activities outside the school and bring prizes and fame to the school too.