Guide To Selecting The Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker For Yourself

What Is the Definition of a Crypto Portfolio Tracker?

A cryptocurrency portfolio tracker is an investor’s best friend. It is a platform (app or website) that allows you to check the value of your cryptocurrency holdings.

You can connect your bitcoin wallet to get everything updated in real time. Some will even allow you to link cryptocurrency exchange accounts.

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What Do Crypto Portfolio Trackers Do?

A crypto portfolio tracker makes it difficult to acquire a bird’s-eye view of your bitcoin holdings. As you invest in cryptocurrency, you’ll be able to keep a greater check on cryptocurrency trends and any coins you’re interested in.

The cryptocurrency market can be quite volatile at times. Because technology is constantly evolving, your crypto portfolio will reflect this. The crypto markets are also open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A diverse cryptocurrency portfolio is one approach to position yourself for success. Crypto tracking apps aid in the maintenance of a well-balanced and diverse portfolio. You’ll never know how well or poorly your crypto assets are performing at any one time if you don’t have one.

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What Features Should a Crypto Portfolio Tracker Have?

When looking for the best crypto portfolio tracker for you, look for one that converts your crypto assets to fiat currency. While some are gravitating toward monitoring bitcoin, most of us are still more comfortable with money.

1. Collaboration with a Wide Range of Financial Institutions

The ideal cryptocurrency portfolio tracker will be able to get data from a variety of financial institutions. API aggregators are responsible for the existence of this feature.

Aside from financial institutions that offer cryptocurrency tax, exchanges and wallets, you may also want to import data from legacy platforms that handle traditional markets such as banks, credit cards, and investment accounts. 

2. A High Standard of Security

When you invest in cryptocurrency, you are doing so because of the blockchain, which is a decentralized ledger. This implies that your transactions are public but can be difficult to follow at times. It’s also worth noting that after you’ve started your crypto transactions, you won’t be able to stop them. 

Apps for tracking cryptocurrency portfolios will connect directly to cryptocurrency wallets. This implies that you must use caution to avoid being duped. Malicious actors could conceal themselves behind these crypto tracking apps in order to obtain a user’s login credentials. 

3. Automation Improves Usability

Many crypto investors will begin to use crypto tracking apps as a one-stop shop for their holdings. Rather than going into each online account individually, you can keep track of everything at once. This is why you should look for a cryptocurrency tracking app that prioritizes automation. 

4. Unification of the Entire Portfolio

A well-diversified portfolio will boost your general health and increase your net worth. Some cryptocurrency tracking software will struggle to understand how all of these assets and investments interact. Going beyond crypto-only tracking applications can help you get a better picture of what’s going on in your portfolio. 

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5. Cost

The majority of cryptocurrency portfolio apps are free. If you want more bells and whistles, you must be willing to invest some money. We recommend starting with the basic or free versions before upgrading to the premium pro version.

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