How Many Months are Required to Cover the CSIR NET Syllabus?

CSIR NET is undoubtedly one of India’s toughest exams. It is a screening test to determine an Indian’s eligibility to be a part of the junior research fellowship (JRF) and/or for lectureship (LS) or assistant professors in any Indian university or college. 

In other words, CSIR NET is very important for aspiring researchers and lecturers. However, when it comes to preparing for this exam, BYJU’s Exam Prep offers excellent study and support materials for your CSIR NET preparation.

How many months are needed to prepare for CSIR-NET?

So, if you can dedicate 10 to 12-hours per day to studying, it takes almost 3-4 months to complete the CSIR NET Syllabus. But, let’s say you don’t have that much time: then, a consistent 5 to 6-hours of studying every day, for 6-months, is required to appear for CSIR-NET confidently. 

Most importantly, you must have a SWOT analysis of the Bachelor’s and Master’s courses you’ve been through. A SWOT analysis is a planning strategy and is the acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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Strengths can refer to topics in your syllabus that you may find easy. Weaknesses may refer to topics that you may find challenging. Opportunities may refer to new ways to test your ability and more recent forms of material that you may encounter. Finally, threats may be interpreted as the hurdles you may face in the time of CSIR-NET preparation. However, this is one analysis that is different for each student. 

As they say, hard work is essential but smart work makes things much more organised and manageable. So, here are some intelligent work tips to help you use those 6-months in the best way possible:

Revise your Bachelor’s and Master’s courses 

 You must have completed your Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees before appearing for this exam (which is mandatory). Nevertheless, it is always important to return to the basics. 

Once a week, you must look back to the basic concepts you learned in your previous courses. While doing that, note down your strong and weak points early on, and prepare accordingly.

Obtain standardised books only

There are a lot of physical and eBooks specially dedicated towards CSIR-NET preparation. Take a look at those materials, check out the supplemental materials, and go through the books thoroughly. And, of course, it is always recommended to rely on the standard books in the market. 

Decide skills required to understand and retain topics

Some topics require intense memorisation. While some topics need a deep understanding before jumping into the nitty-gritties. Therefore, for smart preparation, note your strong and weak suits in understanding and memorising the topics in your syllabus and then work on it accordingly.

To help with memorisation, you can use flashcards. However, topics that need deep understanding may require more hard work and daily reading to retain. 

Make a timetable that works for you

  • There is no single prescribed timetable for all. Set up an agenda list or a timetable for each day that best suits your unique position. The timetable must include the following aspects: 
  • Revision of the basics
  • SWOT analysis of new topics
  • Reading and understanding new topics
  • Memorising unique concepts 
  • Practising theoretical and MCQ past year paper practice.

Remember, taking a test of yourself each day will help you feel confident on D-day. 

Take note of the past-year papers

Past-year question papers and mock tests for each topic are an excellent way for your self-assessment. In addition, solving question papers that have already come in previous years is a great way to understand the exam pattern. So, make sure to prepare for the final exam by solving previous years’ question papers. 

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Take some assistance

Carrying all the burden of revision, finding new books, finding new sources, preparing and taking mock tests all by yourself can be a bit tiresome and difficult. In that case, you may consider expert assistance from BYJU’S Exam Prep. Here, you can get the best sources to prepare for this exam and excel in it. 

Each student is different. They all have different ways of approaching a new obstacle, but the above mentioned are ways that most students can organise and approach the course and pass the exam with flying colours. Until then, prepare hard, and best of luck with your exams. 

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