How Much Do Roofers Charge Per Square? Understanding Roofing Costs

If you are considering repairing or replacing your roof, knowing how much do roofers charge per square can assist in making an accurate budget. So let’s discuss the specifics of what “per square” breaks down to, elements that affect pricing, and your average cost as a consumer hiring a roofing contractor.

In Roofing, What Does “Per Square” Mean?

Per square: In roofing, this is a unit of measure that equates to 100 sf (. This is so that we can have a simple and ready-made form suitable for the purpose of estimating and pricing. For example, if a roofer quotes $300 per roofing square then it means that they are charging you at the price of 100 feet**you squares/historical sq foot.

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Some Great Roofing Stuff

Some Great Roofing Stuff

What Are The Variables That Can Affect How Much Do Roofers Charge Per Square?

  • Roofs Create Different Roofing Costs per Square Although asphalt shingles are the lowest cost material for performing a waterproof, they can be more expensive than many other materials like metal and tile that offer longer-term characteristics of durability (life) aesthetics or difficult to install.
  • Roof Complexity – Steep roofs or those with multiple angles and features (like chimneys or skylights) can require more labor/messy materials, also affecting how much do roofers charge per square.
  • Location : Roofing cost per square can be different depending on geographic differences in labor costs, permits and material availability.
  • Roof Size – A big, tough project to be reckoned with when it comes to how much do roofers charge per square for a larger vs. smaller roof!

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Summary Of Average Roofing Square Prices

Summary Of Average Roofing Square Prices

  • Basic Cost for Shingles. : Typically $100 to $300 per roofing square.
  • Metal Roofing: $200 to More than$1,000 or over per roofing square, depending upon the metal type and quality.
  • Tile Roofing: Typically there is a starting price of $300 per roofing square, though this can exceed over$1,000 for premium materials.

Hiring A Roofing Contractor

These are some tips that you should keep in your mind at the time of hiring a contractor for roofs :

  • Shop around: Obtaining quotes from more than one roofing company helps to find the best value for your money.
  • Verify Credentials – Make sure that the roofing contractor you hire has all of its licenses, insurance and references so as to know how much do roofers charge per square.
  • Talk the Fine Print: Make sure you understand what’s bundled up in your quotation (substances, labour, clean-up ) and enquire about guarantees.


Knowing the cost per square of a roofer allows you to gain an understanding of roofing costs and make intentional decisions. Whether you are fixing storm damage or upgrading your roof, understanding these details will help get the job done right at an optimal cost.

Planning Your Roofing Project? Get several quotes from local roofing professionals and find options that would be best for your budget to meet all of the needs mentioned above.


Per Square In Roofing Terminology?

“Per square” is a unit of measurement in roofing that represents 100 sq. ft.- the area covered by ten foot by ten-foot surface; or “square-feet”. It is a roofers best friend in breaking down the pricing of roofing estimates and putting that price point into perspective based on sq. meters or feet (for those Americans reading this)

How Roofers Calculate The Cost Per Square?

To get the cost per square, roofers take a total of materials and labor then divide that by how many roofing squares are necessary. This served to implement a plethora of various pricing which would be business specific and is per 100 square feet of roof area.

So, How Much Do Roofers Charge Per Square?

Roofing Costs Per Square: Possible Factors impacting roofing per square costs include the choice of materials for roof, complexity in design on roofs and regional charges on labor based as well existence other features such chimney or skylights.

Average Cost Per Square Of The Roofing Material?

Roofing material can make a big difference in price per square. For instance, asphalt shingles generally cost between $100 and $300 per square yet metal roofing systems can cost from as reduced as$200 to over 1k5/sq.

How To Get A Realistic Ideal Of Roofing Costs Per Square?

For the most accurate estimate, it is advised to get estimates from local roofing contractors. That will allow them to break everything down based on your roof’s dimensions, material requirements and anything unique for a cost per square.