The Pygmalion Festival: Pure Magic

Music enthusiast, tech geek, or book? Then the Pygmalion Festival is for you! This yearly event in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois is a one-of-a-kind gathering that celebrates music, literature, technology, and art. Read on to find out what makes the Pygmalion Festival such an event not to be missed.

What Is The Pygmalion Festival?

What Is The Pygmalion Festival

Pygmalion Festival The Pygmalion Festival is a funky celebration of all things music that was founded in 2005. The festival has since expanded into a multifaceted event that includes live music, literary readings, tech demos, and art installations. With local talent, perform at the Pygmalion Festival and national performers create an element to a fun festival!

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Music is a major draw for the Pygmalion Festival. Featuring acts covering genres from indie rock bands to electronic artists. It’s hosted acts like Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, and Future Islands in the past. The Pygmalion Music Festival has a genre for everyone- whether that’s to hear something mellow, or shake your ass.

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This is something textbook festival bookworms live for. The literary category of the festival comprises Readings by award-winning authors, poets, and storytellers. You get new writers to discover as well, and you have the chance to listen in on some of your favs. How much of this is due to the cozy space where all can sit tight instead of being forced into a parallel world full bus? The intimate nature promises rich discussion and Q&A, offering something that almost any book fan has burned in her guttering heart.


One of Pygmalion Festival’s big draws for those who love all things tech: The fest incorporates a full-fledged “PygHack” event. The group runs a dedicated festival where they hold tech talks, demos, and workshops showcasing the newest in technology & innovation. It’s a good place to get updates on some new happenings and meet like-minded tech geeks, even with experience in trending technologies.


There are quite a few people who will appreciate the creative installations and expos of the Pygmalion Festival. From visual art exhibitions to interactive installations, the festival is a celebration of all things creative. The festival is a unique and immersive combination of music, literature, and technology so the art showcases were just an extension representing that blend.

Why You Should Attend?

Why You Should Attend

There is something for everyone at the Pygmalion Fest. With its wide variety of acts and welcoming spirit, it is a cultural event like no other. If you are into music, books, art, or anything else there is a community waiting to make friends with and share your interests. And, of course, the fact that all these wonders are set in Champaign-Urbana — a fun and happening college town — makes it even more appealing.


J+E is thrilled to present the latest incarnation of The Pygmalion Festival; a celebration encapsulating music, literature, technology & art. Save the Date! More than just a festival, it’s a celebration of creativity and community. Do not wait for it and have this unforgettable experience!


What Is The Pygmalion Fest?

The Pygmalion Festival annually takes over Champaign-Urbana, Illinois for 5 days of music, literature technology, and art. A range of live performances, readings, tech demos, and art installations are presented throughout the event.

What Is The Pygmalion Festivalwhen + Where?

The Pygmalion Festival has been held annually in late September, at Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Festival events are held at numerous sites throughout the city, such as concert halls, theatres, and outdoor spaces.

By This Time, Who Are Some Performers At The Pygmalion Festival That Have Stood Out?

Previous years have featured acts like Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, and Future Islands performing at the Pygmalion Festival. The festival showcases a plethora of local and national talent spanning across multiple genres.

What Events Even Happen At The Pygmalion Festival?

The festival includes live music as well as performances literary readings, tech talks and demos, and art exhibits. A complex celebration of creativity and innovation.

Where Can I Buy Tickets To The Pygmalion Festival?

More information on buying tickets online can be found through the Pygmalion Festival website or at specific ticket outlets in Champaign-Urbana. THEATRICAL RUN; Ticket options range from single event to full festival passes.