How to manage exam stress: tips for students

Exam fear and stress are faced by all the learners whether small or grown-ups. Too much stress and pressure are never beneficial for performing well in academics. The good physical and mental wellness of the students is disturbed when stress approaches their lives. Exams are always there to help students to move closer to their goals and achieve them successfully. Therefore worrying about them and facing exam stress must be avoided by the students. Let us discuss some very effective tips that will help students to overcome their exam stress and focus more on studies and it’s preparations. 

What happens during stress? 

  • Lack of focus and attention on studies. 
  • Anxiety and panic issues 
  • Feeling of sickness 
  • Confusion and improper study preparation. 
  • Lack of enthusiasm and motivation to do anything. 
  • Poor productivity and goal accomplishment. 

Tips to manage exam stress 

  1. Follow a revision schedule 

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Before exams, the tension of completing the course syllabus and managing revisions hit students hard. This leads to stress, anxiety, and a feeling of burden. But by following a proper schedule and timetable of revisions, students can free themselves from exam stress. If you keep overthinking, nothing will be achieved. Therefore utilize the available time in following an effective study timetable. To score well in exams, multiple rounds of revisions and re-reading are required. When you will revise properly, a sense of confidence will develop inside you which will help in overcoming exam pressure. Therefore, after completing your syllabus, go for multiple revisions. Create a timetable that includes revising all the academic subjects, especially the difficult and applicative, tricky ones.

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  1. Stay away from social media during exams 

Using social media leads to procrastination of studies and exam preparation. Today with the growing technology, social media sites, applications, etc are also increasing rapidly. Because of this, students spend a major chunk of their time on these apps. Scrolling down social media accounts, checking notifications, texting, sending audio messages, etc, takes away from you the time which you could have spent on learning and preparing for exams. 

Later when exams are near and you are not fully prepared for them, this leads to stress and anxiety. All this process also affects the mental health of the students. They are not able to focus, concentrate properly and their present exam preparation is also affected. Therefore in order to stay away from this unwanted stress practice social media detox during exam days or months. Especially the students who are learning via an online class should be involved during exam times. 

  1. Take it easy, don’t worry overly

Exams are part of our lives and the education systems. Schools, colleges,  higher education, etc, exams are conducted to assess the knowledge of the students. In an online class as well exams are there.  All we should do is focus on our goals and objectives, work in the right direction, and not overthink anything. Overthinking, extra worrying can lead to too much-unwanted stress and tension. It also develops negativity and an environment that badly affects your proper growth and development in academics. Read the motivational quotes for students, to avoid overthinking and feel satisfied with the hard work and efforts you are putting in. 

  1. Solve sample papers 

The most common reason for stress is what will come in the exam, what types of questions and topics will be included. This thought about examinations leads to stress and overthinking. Sample papers, mock and aptitude tests are designed to help students in this regard. Therefore students should solve sample papers before the main exam as much as possible. These papers help students to figure out what type of questions will be covered in the exam. They will also be able to self-assess their knowledge and understanding.

 All this will help students to identify where they need to put more effort and which topics are properly done. Solving mock papers develops confidence in the students. It makes students familiar with the exam patterns and hence they follow the right approaches which automatically reduces the stress level. 

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  1. Sleep well 

To manage your exam stress, sleeping well is also very important. Our mind is not any machine or robot which can perform multitasking successfully. Our body and mind also need rest, care, and sleep. Good and sufficient sleep helps students to remember and retain information better. If students will continuously study without taking breaks in between, they won’t be able to utilize that information for a longer period therefore learn, revise, take a break, also you can take small naps in between your study schedules. Better retaining and comprehending knowledge leads to a low level of exam stress. 

  1. Stay positive 

Positivity and healthy thoughts are very necessary to manage exam stress. Students should give their best and stay positive about all the things they are doing to score well. For developing a positive environment around you, read motivational quotes for students available on the Internet. Stay happy and calm, just give your best. 


All the above-mentioned techniques will help students to cope up and manage their stress levels before the exams. Students should surely include these tips in their learning and preparation schedules to perform, score well in exams. Other than this, maintaining consistency and hard work is very important. Students must properly manage their time and stay consistent with their exam practices.