Prerequisites for obtaining the Green Belt Certification?

Obtaining the right kind of greenbelt certification in the world of six Sigma is very much important for the people so that everyone is on the right track of dealing with things and there is no issue at any point in time in the whole process. Indulging into the implementation of six Sigma certification in Mumbai is very much advisable for the people so that they have a good career opportunity at their access and following are some of the prerequisites which people need to be clear about at the time of undertaking all these kinds of certification systems:

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  1. First of all, people need to be clear about the work experience element in the whole process because six Sigma greenbelt are the employees who will be spending most of the time on the process improvement teams and they will also be analysing and solving the quality problems in the whole process. This particular certification will require the people to have at least three years of work experience in one of the more areas of the Six Sigma greenbelt body of knowledge. Candidates must have worked full time or part-time in the whole process or paid internship or any other kind of coursework to be applied in the whole process to justify their experience requirement condition.
  2. Education waivers are not granted over here and the minimum expectations of this particular certification will be to operate in support or under the supervision of the six black belt, analyse and solve quality problems, involve in the quality improvement projects, participate in the project or has led a particular project, having at least three years of work experience and the ability to demonstrate this particular knowledge through tools and procedures of the Six Sigma.
  3. It is also very vital for the people to achieve the designation of certified greenbelt that they should appear in this particular exam and achieve the minimum score of 70% in the whole process. There are no prerequisites required in terms of sitting for the examination and for this purpose people need to be clear about the knowledge and application in the whole process.
  4. Apart from this people also need to complete two or more products to gain the experience and undergo the six Sigma greenbelt training to get the certification. People also need to apply online and download the exam application for the mailing system so that the exam will be done for three or four hours. There will be no limit about how many times people can retake the examination and it is very much advisable for people to retake it within the two years of the last attempt and it is important to note down that the retaken fee will be charged at every time which people will be undertaking it.
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 Hence, it is very much important for the people to be clear about all the above-mentioned points so that they can have the right kind of commitment and dedication in this particular field of undertaking the six Sigma green belt course. So, being clear about this particular technical aspect is important for the people so that they are able to undertake this education in the very first attempt very successfully.