Is PGP Data Science Course Worth Getting a Data Science Job?


Data Science is all the rage these days. Nowadays, organizations revolve around extensive 

data emissions and their subsequent analysis, making fertile decisions based on data-driven insights. Consequently, the demand for skilled data professionals stands more potent than ever. 

Similarly, Data Science is a buzzword among employees and learners. Let’s look at the numbers to understand the reason behind such hype.

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The Data Science platform market is likely to touch the milestone of $140.9 billion by 2024, expanding at a whopping CAGR of 30%. So, job seekers can smell immense opportunities in the field. Also, the industry offers an average salary of $96,992 per year. 

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Another popular term in the blooming landscape is the PGP Data Science course. Numerous candidates pursue it and claim to have benefited from their investment. Is the PGP Data Science course capable enough to fetch you a job? That’s the point of concern for us.

Let’s find appropriate answers and justify the market value of the PGP Data Science course in Bangalore.

What Do You Mean Data Science?

Nothing can be better than beginning the discussion by understanding the meaning of Data Science.

So, what on earth is Data Science? Data Science is an umbrella concept and consists of all mechanisms used to analyze data volumes to generate actionable insights, patterns, and trends.

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The processes involved within Data Science are data collection, cleansing, preparation, processing, analyzing, and generating productive information. It has become a vast domain, and the world is looking towards it for more miracles.

Let’s look at the skills required to excel at Data Science, shall we?

What are the Must-Have Data Science Skills to Get a Job?

Data Science requires you to have proficiency in numerous domains, and you can expect multiple questions from these areas in any Data Science job interview.

You might be intrigued to know about these skills. So, without waiting more, let’s look at the groundbreaking abilities to make you professional in the industry.

  1. R and Python Programming Proficiency

A Data Scientist should have R and Python languages at their fingertips. Apart from theoretical knowledge, it would be advantageous to have extensive practice coding and solving real-life data-related problems. 

Also, it is one of the most vital requirements for any Data Scientist job across the globe.

  1. Machine Learning is a Must

Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) go hand-in-hand. You need to learn both concepts to become proficient in the domain parallelly. You can expect the interview panel to throw ML-related questions to you during a Data Science interview.

  1. Data Visualization

Usually, the insights generated by Data Scientists remain incomprehensible by laymen and non-tech savvy stakeholders. So, the organizations will expect you to have a knee-deep knowledge of data visualization.

It would be best if you had familiarity using various visualization platforms like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. The interview panelists can ask you straightforward questions about these platforms or seek conceptual answers from you.

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP) Knowledge

Like Machine Learning, you need to develop Natural Language Processing skills to excel in the Data Science domain. You will get numerous instances where the blended knowledge (NLP and Data Science) will get you through crucial problems in a corporate environment.

Apart from the above skills, the reputed Data Science companies expect you to possess fundamental domain knowledge and an in-depth understanding of Hadoop and other Apache frameworks.

Now, let’s deviate towards the PGP Data Science course and our mainframe question. Keep reading!

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What Exactly is the PGP Data Science Course?

You already have understood the meaning of Data Science and the skills required to excel at relevant jobs. 

So, what is the meaning of the PGP Data Science course? 

Well, it is a training session to make you proficient in Data Science. Abbreviated as Post Graduate Program, the PGP Data Science course helps candidates build firm concepts, get enough hands-on experience and 360-degree knowledge for enhanced performance in interviews.

Besides, the PGP degree earned after completing the course has more industry reputation than ordinary certificates. So, you can edge over other applicants and increase the chances of your resume getting shortlisted by attaching a PGP Data Science degree in your resume.

Moving on, let’s analyze the course outcomes for a better overview.

What are the Learning Outcomes of the PGP Data Science Course?

We already have walked through the essential skills required to get a Data Science job. Now, let’s get an overview of the learning outcomes of the PGP Data Science course. It will help you to understand whether the training program enables you to gain the proper knowledge or not.

Let’s dive in!

  1. Fundamental Data Science Knowledge

The course has all the essential resources required to walk you through the fundamental Data Science concepts. Starting from the meaning, significance, and real-life applications of Data Science, the course will brief you about different platforms used by Data Scientists to carry out their day-to-day tasks.

  1. R and Python Coding Training

R and Python have extensive significance in the Data Science world. Luckily, the PGP Data Science course takes you through Python and R concepts. Also, it will guide you to get sufficient hands-on experience in the paradigm. 

  1. Coverage for Machine Learning and NLP

The comprehensive PGP Data Science course will help you understand Machine Learning and NLP like a piece of cake. So, you can have a wide-angle understanding of the Data Science-related domains for the best outcomes.

  1. Familiarity with Tableau

Another benefit you can obtain by enrolling in the PGP Data Science course is that they make you familiar with Tableau. So, data visualization will be a cakewalk after the course completion.

The Bottom Line

After walking through the essential Data Science skills and PGP outcomes, you can understand the correlation between them. So, getting registered with a PGP Data Science course is bound to help you get your dream job effortlessly.

Now that you know the benefit of the PGP Data Science course, what makes you wait? Enroll now!