5 Ways To Build Survival Shelter For the Needy


Home is considered to be the most important asset of every person’s life. Every person is incomplete without a roof over their head. That is why it becomes the duty of being a human being that if you are blessed with the necessity of life, you should try your level best to make the same necessity a luxury for anybody else. 

People are making many attempts to develop shelter and survival homes for the needy. This does not involve a huge infrastructural cost, and you can attempt to develop such homes and shelters at the minimum cost. 

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  • Use Teflon sheets

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Teflon sheets are easily available in the marketplace at a reasonable cost to build a shelter for the needy. Most social organizations use Teflon sheets to build a temporary stay for the poor people to get a temporary home. These Teflon sheets can protect poor people from the action of cold and heat, and they also provide a good amount of protection against the action of rainfall and humidity. You can always install gas chambers inside these Teflon sheets so that a proper amount of oxygen can also be supplied to needy people. 

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  • Use a carbon fiber tent

If you do not want to build a cubicle-like structure for poor people, you can always plan to make a carbon fibre tent instead of making plastic tents. These carbon fibre tents are becoming very common to develop shelter homes for poor people at a very reasonable cost. They are a type of cloth which are completely safe for needy people to build a home. It is very easy to develop a home out of these carbon fibre sheets. You can install them at a remote location so that these people can be protected from the action of dust and dirt, including rainfall.

  • Bamboo survival shelter

Suppose you do not want to use any plastic materials for building the survival shelter of the needy, then, of course. In that case, there is another important material you can use to develop a wonderful shelter for needy people. This is nothing but bamboo, which is being used to a great extent for building survival shelters for needy people. It requires a huge amount of craftsmanship to develop a shelter with the help of bamboo because it involves a huge amount of cutting and welding work. But once it is developed, it can have a great capacity to withstand every kind of weather change.

  • Stilt based shelter

Due to the increasing urbanization, the space in the city is decreasing at a great speed. That is why saving more space in the city side has become an important event to make a stilt-based shelter for the needy people. These shelters are easy to make, and they provide enough peace to the poor people so that they can also survive well. The only limitation attached to these types of shelter is the level of safety that can be compromised, especially at times of heavy rainfall and floods.

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  • Plastic sheets

If you want to build a temporary shelter for the poor people, then a plastic sheet can also be a good option to develop one. But it is likely to comprise a huge amount of risk for the people because they would not breathe properly inside the plastic. Even if you are using this type of material, it is important to keep in mind that you believe in an amount of space to breathe properly and easily.


That is why it can be said that building shelter homes is not at all difficult for the people who want to achieve good results in the minimum amount of time by following these methods. These methods can be practised after getting an adequate amount of training from carpenters and other types of persons who are associated with this