What Is SAFe® and How Does It Work?


Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) is a certification program run by Scaled Agile, Inc. It’s the most popular framework in use today, with more than a third of businesses using it in some way.

The SAFe® method combines lean and agile ideas into a workflow pattern structure for businesses to follow. The goal is to make it simple for businesses to expand agile across their entire organization to achieve project and strategic objectives. While the notion originated in the software development field, it is now used in a variety of departments at both businesses and government agencies.

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SAFe® is popular among businesses because it provides a well-documented and established framework for project management. The framework promotes a people-centric approach to delivering high-quality goods, as well as a clear role and event structure.

What Is SAFe® Certification and What Does It Mean?

SAFe®’s professional certification is a way of evaluating people’s skills. The Leading SAFe® certification evaluates the abilities, knowledge, and mindset of people who operate in agile contexts. Certified individuals have demonstrated their competence to assist lean and agile corporate initiatives and transformations.

You must pass a particular test to demonstrate that you understand the SAFe® concepts as they apply to your role to get certified. These certifications can be used in conjunction with one another because they are divided into three levels:

  • Foundational
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Before you can appear for the exam, you must complete particular courses, the majority of which are now available online. SAFe® for Architects, project management and Advanced SCRUM Master, is among them. Most tests need you to have work experience in specified fields before you can take them. The exams are designed to demonstrate that you have the necessary abilities and knowledge to execute the job.

Who All are Eligible for SAFe® certification?

If you’re already working in the agile and SCRUM worlds, you’ve probably explored SAFe® certification as a way to advance your career. It’s a stable career path to choose, with over 700,000 people being trained with SAFe®.

Because there are so many distinct sorts of certification, quite a broad range of people in various jobs may seek certification. Which one you pick will be determined by the job you have, will have, or wish to have after you get certified.

Certification can make the difference between getting the job and not getting the job in many cases. It provides businesses peace of mind knowing that the person they recruit has demonstrated their ability to perform the job.

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Certification’s Advantages

SAFe® is a popular option of certification because it is recognized internationally, and most people getting certified are aiming to better their professions. Most employers appreciate the significance of the SAFe® certification process, therefore the moniker SAFe® offers you worldwide recognition.

Certification nearly ensures that you will be able to negotiate a better pay package regardless of where you work. Indeed, you may find that your job prospects improve as a consequence of your increased demand and access to the SAFe® community to network. You’ll be able to apply for any job that requires certification, and you’ll be able to display your achievement on your résumé with a digital badge.

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