Online Course Marketing With E-mail Sequences

If you have the budget for only one marketing tool- go for email marketing. Two recent trends and an E-mail generator for newsletters and other marketing sources are proven to be one of the most effective ways to increase the student base.

To encourage user engagement and increased revenue, educators or their marketing agents must select the correct e-mail sequences. If you are still building your webpage, look into how to create an online course easily and simultaneously perform marketing research to implement strategies as soon as you are done.

Meaning of e-mail sequences

An e-mail sequence is a series of emails students will receive after subscribing to your website. Do you get the message about accepting cookies as soon as you visit a page? This is to activate the e-mail generator and subscribe to newsletters and other sources that record user data to send them relevant content as per their preferences and recent searches.

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A one-time e-mail is sent for approval, introduction to new subscribers, and other specifications. An e-mail sequence, on the other hand, is crafted to ensure users get automated emails weekly or monthly. 

It might sound overburdening since the creation of content for sending over the sequenced e-mail might be complex and time-consuming. Market strategists recommend uploading blogs news articles, and other learning material on the website and linking the same to an e-mail sequence. This way, your website generates more traffic not only through promotional and advertisement sources but also through e-mail marketing.

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E-mail sequence benefits

Your online course can benefit from an automatic email generator. Here are a few mentionable ones;

  • Ensures streamlined communication with students, and parents, building trusted relationships.
  • Everyone gets delivered the interactive content, newsletter, or other subscriptions at the same desired time come on despite differential time zones. 
  • Encourages e-mail marketing procedure.
  • Helps you drive repeated sales to the same students or customers.
  • You have complete access to the subscribers’ preferences and inboxes.
  • Helps in arranging referrals, testimonials from students, and other professional networks in your course.
  • Keep students entertained and engaged so the duration of a course.
  • Allows you to describe course details, with complete disclosure of information, and dictate valuable offers of your course from time to time.

Using e-mail sequences through an e-mail generator is a completely digitalized process. However, to make it work, you need the guidance of a marketing agent. You can also invest in e-mail marketing software with personalized features for long-term e-mail sequence generation.

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E-mail sequence types


A presale e-mail sequence acts as a lead magnet and drives students to purchase your course. The main goal of arranging a presale sequence is to keep stakeholders of education informed and share free educational content to portray the valuable lessons one can learn by signing up. It sets a standard and position for your course in the international market beforehand.

Post sale

To allow students to choose your course again coming even after the completion of their present degree, you must maintain post-sale e-mail sequences. It is a structure that encourages engagement among students because they feel comfortable being remembered and still a part of the course through emails.

It is the second most important requirement that generates testimonials that might promote your course in the next marketing campaign. Students can leave reviews on your page after having successfully received the desired results. 

Course launch 

While you launch your course, and students join in, they need a varied material source for learning, memorizing, and referencing. Every student has a unique studying style, and preference for methodologies. Mostly seen among high school and university students. The E-mail sequence during the course launch can include such learning material

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One drawback of this feature is that teachers have to dedicate more time categorizing relevant data in the e-mail for every grade. Constantly staying up to date with lessons taught on the horse site is the first requirement, later they have to remember how many topics were, and send information through e-mail accordingly. Relevance is the most important thing here.

Besides these, there are multiple ways to organize an e-mail sequence. They should be allowed to unsubscribe from these automatically generated emails, given they don’t require the course or related information anymore. Often, parents are also interested in receiving newsletters. Make a provision for such cases.